OUTDATED MAP USE v4b1 instead. Do not reupload thank you. Mods close and lock thread if you see this. Thanks.

Looks great, thanks for sharing.


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for sharing

Would you mind posting a link to the fuel mod and the day/night script?


Looks very good. Thanks

Added to OP.

Snip post rate OP box. You can has box too. Grow some balls and comment instead of ghost rating. I can’t gather criticism from a square.


Rate me box, I don’t care. At least I do map for a for cash and then lock the map so only particle server can only use it. After all theres only 2 reasons why your releasing it. Suppose now since I’m the only person willing to speak out all your fans will rate me dumb.

You are right it was made for cash and locked to a server. I don’t really care if you don’t like that fact. It’s because of that server that I continue to map. I am probably one of the very few mappers that gets paid to do this and I don’t have a problem with it I don’t know why you do. Even without a leak which I wasn’t aware of until a couple days ago I was going to release this publicly. The leak just gave me another push to get it out to everyone.

Fucking nice work Sgt, bloody beautiful.

damn great upgrade much better than the classic one

This should be a nice replacement for the old evocity.

I love the day night cycle :V

Sorry but, what the hell is the point of leaking maps anyway? It’s not like you’re leaking top secret information; it’s a goddamn collection of buildings and geographical features on a flat plane that can easily be remade by anyone with patience.

On to the map itself: Looks good. Keep it up.


i have fapped to this

Wow, looks super sexy. Thanks for the release!

i see black and purple checkers at the windows at the houses nearing the lake… fix for this?

Looks very nice. And it’s fun to play on as well. Great map!