Rp_evocity_v2D Auto Delete?

Hey, I Really like roleplaying on rp_evocity_v2d, And I would like to run it on my server
just that the fucking stupid crash cave is there. I heard of the cave block script, It fails.
So I was wondering maybe…
Someone could make some kind of dissolver or auto remove script.
Something the would block prop spawning in a certain radius around the cave
and kill people automatically when they would be within X number of feet from cave.

Anyways I hope someone out there can try to make something.
If they do create a ‘successful’ working script.
I might just send u X amount of money on paypal.
My steam is temex_625
Email: 625temex625@live.com
Thanx :slight_smile:

Define X



Well ?
You think you or someone you know is up to it?

So the greater the distance people are killed at, the more money you’ll send?



for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
 if (v && v:IsValid()) then

Now gimmie infinite amounts of money.

No The affectiveness or how quick it kills someone. Is how i justify the amount I will pay.
So example:
Say a 30 Foot radius or invisible bubble around the cave.
Anything comes within the 30 feet will die
or get deleted, instantly.
So the faster this happens the more money you get.
So like this:
5 second delay = 5$
3 second delay = 10$
Automatic = 12$
Blocks prop spawn in radius and kills instantly = 15$

Good enough?


How does it know where to set the radius.
Or how to deny prop spawn


Also you wont get payed untill September 8th.
This is because I get my paycheck then.
And I can send money to my paypal from my bank account.

has anyone made this?