rp_evocity_v2d some invisible props, need fix

Ok so i have CSS and stuff and i used to be able to see these props but now lately i have not been able to and i need to fix this plz help…

Slums area


Traffic Lights


Any console errors? I know this happens when there’s a particle overflow.

Nope and btw if i go on my bros comp the textures are there so this must be a client thing.

Can you post a console log from start until you load the map and view the missing models in

 tags please?

Ran into this problem earlier, try putting this into console;
mat_dxlevel 90

At that, it should be mat_dxlevel 95. That’s the latest version (besides EP2’s 98 which has some major flaws).

so should i do that or no?

You can try what he suggested. Just try mat_dxlevel 95

nope didnt work please help

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btw this has to be a client side issue

This occurs frequently on a server I play on, dubbed by the players as the “invisible glitch”. Seems to happen when there are a lot of players on, we could only assume it’s some sort of entity overflow issue. It’s been occurring for over a year now, still haven’t really found out how to cease it.

What causes that?

Too many particle effects, map leaks, etc.

Ok so i still dont get why this happens?