Okay, I’ve been playing on a PERP server for quite a while. The map is always rp_evocity_v2d. So, Whenever I drive towards the tunnel leading to the car dealer/radio station, crash. Whenever I drive towards the tunnel that leads to the industrial section, I crash. Thats the only problem I have, There have been admins hosting competitions, And i’ve missed out. I tried deleting my add-ons as-well.

verify cache integrity. maybe redownload the map. and please use a correct steam profile link so we can check if you’re a pirate.

My bad, Updated my steam ID. Well, How do I do that?

ok good your not a pirate:) right click garrysmod and choose properties. in there you can choose verify game cache

Okay, Thank you.


Also, Congradulations on 100th post. >_>. Vertifying it right now


It didnt work - I vertified my folder, Then joined. Nada, Still the same.

can you give me your system specs? maybe it’s some problem with your hardware. and ty btw^^