Map Name: RP_Evocity_v4b1.
Map type: Roleplay Large.
Map Setting: Stereotypical valley setting, day and night enabled with skypaint skybox.


Evocity_v4b1 is an advancement on the original evocity map. It is now the latest version of the original evocity as of 8-4-13. The map has some changes that keep the map fresh and hopefully entertaining. Changes are listed below. this is just a beta version so report bugs and give feedback.

Please note that the new jail door system board doesn’t fully work as it is the old jails control panel. In order to remotely open the cells from the security booth buttons c1-c5 will work. There is a holding cell as well but that cannot be controlled remotely. Only doors you can see from the security room are able to be operated. There is no shower anymore. All the jail has is a common room and cells. The police part of the police station setup is on the second floor of the GC. The elevator also is still not idiot proof.


-Added various props to the GC.
-Fixed some of the tunnels around town.
-Added sidewalk to downtown tunnel and moved the building near the hotel back to make the sidewalk usable again.
-Added new impound yard.
-Refurbished MTL to include full maintenance bay, 3 garage bus storage, and a new transfer terminal building with dock safety lights.
-Refurbed the concrete plant.
-Fixed doors
-Added new motel.
-Added another night club.
-Tore down old white subs house.
-Added decks to 2 of the sub houses as well as updated kitchens to all 3 remaining houses.
-Removed for lease signs.
-Added a sign on the hotel.
-fixed some displacement issues and ability to get behind the map near hersh.
-Fixed problem where people would drive their cars into the teleport elevator in the GC.
-Removed glitchy water in suburbs.





Download Links

Optional model and vehicle pack(Currently has 53 vehicles!)



Sir Zolofto: Co mapper and textures.
Ajacks: Textures.
Broseph: Textures.
Oskutin: The camera gate button thing on the impound lot. (found it in one of his vmf’s and it was perfect.)
All source games: Content

Other content not listed was found online somewhere and I can’t remember from where.

Me I guess.

Post bugs, comments, concerns, death threats, rants about why you think I am an asshole etc. If you don’t errors will never get fixed. So post don’t just rate.

What, you don’t want death threats?

Going off the images (as i do), it looks like yet another good looking map.



Elevator seems to be going a bit further down than it should.

That’s all I found after noclipping through the map, also noticed a greater performance compared to v33x, good job! :smiley:

Yeah it’s the spawn position. Something I need to fix. Once the elevator is used once it won’t go back there.

Added to OP. Also thanks. :slight_smile:

Glad this finally made it out :slight_smile: Looks great just by skimming around the map

Holy shit how did I not see this before

Love this map.

It’s looking great, good job!

Only remark I really have is the empty spot in the Villa area. I wouldn’t mind it that much if it was all grass, but the displacement texturing looks a bit odd.

because it just came out.
anyway, this is awesome!


Still no walkways in most of the tunnels?

Just out of the city and into industrial. I don’t see the need to add sidewalks in all the tunnels. If you need to get to the car dealer catch a ride from someone or just be careful. All the tunnels are lit now so people can at least see you.

Will this ever be added to the workshop since gmod now has the workshop map download system now?

I was browsing while it was posted, and I had looked through the map section several times, failing to notice it.

No it exceeds the file size limit by 250MB.

Damn, that truly sucks.

You should be able to split it up into parts, I know in L4D2 you can get around this by packing up custom assets into separate uploads and just numbered them and have a collection setup so people can download all parts at once.


Part 1 = .bsp and maybe some materials

Part 2 = more materials

part 3 = models


It’s how campaigns like I hate mountains did it. It doesn’t mess with filepath name so nothing should theoretically break.

Sgt. your maps are the epitome of good roleplay maps.

I think it’s fantastic that you’re still going at it, can’t wait to play it!

Wait…was that sgt sgt being nice…

Who are you and what have you done with sgt sgt :slight_smile: