It would be cool to have an RP map based on the side of a mountain like the favelas of Brazil with simple housing, dirt tracks, plants and a skybox of the city below. I think it would be great with DarkRP.


Tricky as hell to optimize though

There’s one for CS:GO though. http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/173584

Not really a comparable layout to the reference image provided, Spherix…

I thought the same but if you sacrifice graphical fidelity you could pull it off using models with mip maps.

Lowest level being just a box with a texture, as you get closer add detail and closer still add an interior to the model.
The shadows WILL looks like ass though.

There’s also this: http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/164105

Which can work as a favela.

Both the maps suggested look pretty good! I wasn’t aware of those… Can’t try them out right now though but will at the weekend

I figured the idea was to have the incline of the side of a mountain with the houses built onto it.

That would be extra good… it doesn’t have to be an accurate representation of the picture though - even size-wise to be good fun - there could be lots of places for the bad guys to hide out, etc.

If the map was designed to vaguely represent the side of a mountain but really have 4 or 5 ‘levels’ of flatness, it might be easier to optimise

After seeing this thread, I wanted to give this idea a shot, and this is pretty much what I want to go for.
Thank you for the idea, however it’ll probably be a while before I even start, and even then I’ll be making it for Counter Strike.

I’d assume for people to actually live under such conditions it’d have to be terraced behind the structures, so I think that’d be a good way to do it.