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Hey, this is my first map ever I have started. I’m going to remake the fiskcity_b2 from The Specialists HL1 mod, here’s the concept:


I will not release this if it’s bad looking, I will make this look better then decide when it’s good looking enough to release. Any help is always appreciated.

Here’s the progress of the map:
Bank: 100%
Extra: Pawn Store: 100%
Restaurant: 100%
Medical Department: Replaced with a parking lot
Police Department: 100%
Apartments + penthouse: 100%
Apartments 2: Unneeded, there is already apartments
Hotel: 100%
Hobo area: 100%
Extra: Sewer system 100%
Park: 100%
7/11: 100%
Garages: 100%
Underground Disco: 100%
Coffee shop(Weed shop): 100%
**Extra:**An Apartment above coffee store: 100%
**Extra:**Subway station: 100%
Gun store: 100%
**Extra:**An Arcade games room: 100%
The Red Room: 100%
Freeway bridge: 100%
Church: Unneeded, replaced with public toilets

Overall: 100%


Some eye-candy pictures of the progress:
(The pictures may look bad quality, taken with fraps)

Spawn area/Train station
A small plaza
Street 1
Street 2
Inside bank
Street 3
Street 3 from another perspective
Inside the apartment above 7/11
Street infront of 7/11
Coffee store
Underground club
Inside the arcade game room
Car repair- and a public parking place
Pawn store
PD Front
Inside PD
Gun store
Another public parking place next to PD
Almost finished hotel
Inside hotel
Top of hotel
Inside apartments
Pent house
Vehicles you see going:
Plane and a metro
Subway metro

Old video

If you add some more architecture, the map will be awesome. oh yes, make the map slightly brighter and use a night skybox too.

Alright, I will of course use a night skybox as I have like, 3 of them, and I personally don’t think that the map is dark.

I think buildings look boring and blocky and lightning looks horrid.
It also needs more props so your map can look more realistic.

But, it is a WIP so just keep working on it and it shall come out pretty.

Yeah, don’t forget, you can always help by making some of those buildings.

god the skybox :byodood:


If you want that sort of help, making some of your buildings I suggest you give the buildings you want separated in vmfs with order to change the interiors, yet I ain’t gonna help you since I don’t need any credit on that.

But as I said, keep working on it.

Yes, I meant helping by giving me the buildings in .vmf format.

Police department done.

That’s a bad spot for a 7-Eleven in my opinion… I’ve never seen a 7-Eleven under an underpass. Plus, it’s blocky, so is the ‘support/stand’ for the bridge. Also, make the 7-Eleven look like this:

This map has some real potential. I think you can “sourcify” (like what the experts did to CS maps) the map if you take the time.

Yeah even though I’m a very amateur mapper I’m still interested in doing this.

Having some troubles with the doors:


Working on freeway bridge.

check the little circle and where it is…

I see it but I’m not able to move it.



If you’re going to remake it, dear god please don’t ruin it.

Also, could you add onto the map by the freeway? I would like to drive to one part of the town to the other through the bridge.

Also high-ish skybox so we can put flying stuff there, I’d like that.

If you make the map taller and bigger, if it gets used a bit, I will change to this map.

It looks like it needs de-blockification.

I don’t see the circle, look:


Its on the grid