I made this map for Build-RP on Flatgrass. I got tired of playing RP on flatgrass without any roads, So I made some and put them into the map. This lets you build your own bases, but still be able to RP with the roads system.


It’s pretty simple, but it accomplishes its goal.



Don’t be squares, drive on them!

Put it in Releases.
Oh yeah it’s gone. :downs:

also there better be lighting

yer where has it gone?

It has but it looks like fullbright. It’s the same as the original flatgrass

Now make some water off to one side, with a couple docks, maybe a warehouse or two, and an island. Oh, and pretty sweet, I’m going to talk to our server guy about this.

That’s not the point of the map. If I wanted to make another all-in-one I would. This one’s purely Flatgrass with Roads. :smiley:

Will you be putting buildings onto the map in a version 2?

Also, god damn thanks for making this whilst I was in Wales this week :V

If you are putting buildings into the map, make these :smiley: :

Garage, or 2?
Hell put a river in, you don’t see many nowadays…bridge?
Small complex area
Train tracks would, be, a very nice addition :slight_smile:
Station anyone :)?

If you need help, ask around, people would be abliged to help you :excited:

simple but I like it, great idea

Dude that ruins the entire map completely

Omg, sry.

The link is broken

-snip- didn’t see the date

I’m gonna make the next epic RP map. Anyone want my CS:S map VMFs so they can fix it an get 100% credit for it?