Rp_Freedom City/ Garry's Mod / WTC / NY /

Since my previous thread was taken down for reasons I know not of, I’ve decided to make another thread just for this map, and its’ progress.

The pictures you are about to view are based off of Freedom City. Freedom City is a map based off of New York, and this map features the World Trade Center, or some may call it the Freedom Tower. It has a memorial to all of the victims, but unfortunately due to bugs causing low FPS, I’ve decided to remove the memorial pools and decided to put trees and a fountain. This has the South Bridge WTC, which is the last remaining part of the old WTC. I will soon include WFC ( World Financial Center ), but I’m still researching the buildings. Also to mention the One World Trade Center was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever made in HL2 Source. I’ve added the UN building, and Woolworth, and some other familiar buildings. Recently the release date has been postponed due to Sources limits, so I’m simplifying it as for now. Also take note that soon after the release of this map I will release another version featuring the original World Trade Center complex.

So here you go

World Trade Center


Little town




Added the Church






WTC Bridge


Really nice job

Use [t] tags for your images to make them not huge. Also, dont use the camera tool to modify the perspective of images you take. This helps other mappers comment on your work.

Got it, but then again I take pictures of key areas, the rest you’ll explore. Like a surprise of some sort, but if you are really wanting to see the map I guess I’ll provide more pictures.