I am currently working with InsanePyro on making a spaceship RP map. It is large. By large, It is pretty decent size. It is over a 455 feet long (including the bridge) and 178 feet wide, at least in Sketchup. It has 5 decks, each with a bunch of rooms. My favorite deck is the artificial habitat, which includes a large pond and garden, and a “habitat control room” which may have a few surprises at the end.

Some parts may need to be reworked so a master stair case and another elevator can be added, along with some teleporters scattered throughout the ship.

Unfortunately we don’t have any in-game pictures or even Hammer shots because we just got the ball rolling, but we do have pictures from the Sketchup layout. We will add pictures as we get things moving along though.

Without further ado, here are some pictures. Ignore the level numbers because I just realized they are backwards (i.e level 1 should really be level 5):






If anyone wants, here is the Google Sketchup file

Also if you’re able to help in any way: whether you can model or do textures, or help with lighting (InsanePyro claims he’s not good at lighting), or even shoot some ideas on what rooms you’d like to see, send InsanePyro or myself a PM and we will get right on to integrating you into our team.

Fuckin’ lighting how does it work?

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Looks good, I like the floorplan. I’d help, but my computer’s shit.

Good luck with it, though.

Wow very nice! I don’t know what it is but plans give me the same tingling sensation that James May gets when he drives a nice car. Please post pictures as soon as you get some.

For a ship, you seem to have a lot of open space. As you’re still in the sketchup/concept stage, I suggest reworking the layout to better suit that issue. For a good reference, check out Lazermaniac’s rp_bahamut.

Also, I may not be seeing it, but is there a bridge?

I just tried to convert that sketchup file into a .vmf and it went horribly wonrg.

It may be due to it using different textures than source. You need to name the materials.

I have no idea how sketch up works I shall leave it for the pros xD


The one thing that I hate in some RP maps is that they seem cramped. This fixes that. All the space will be used intelligently. Oh there is a bridge, I forgot to picture it.

It will have some of the Ship controls, i.e a switch that turns off all the lights and makes those red lights come on. One will control the teleporters (i.e shut them down, and maybe a hidden feature). Another will control the elevators. Some may have wacky functions like change the gravity controls, etc, but this is all up in the air now (no pun intended). Most will argue about giving people these kind of controls, but this is for the mayor and police/swat. In other words, the doors will be locked for everyone but those classes.

Looks neat, but what are those circles under the bridge meant to be?
Also, will there be windows to look out into space?

There will be windows in most of the rooms and hallways that face out toward space. The artificial habitat will have all glass walls and a (small) skybox, or at least a sky texture.
The circles under the bridge represents a pond/lake. I don’t know how deep we can make it thought as it depends on the thickness of the deck itself.

I really like the idea. You seem to have the basic layout in place, thats good. What you might consider is what theme your frigate should have (if you haven done this of course). Take a look at this video:
You see how the structure and lightning help the viewer realize what if it is a good ship or bad ship. You might consider doing something similar. You should probably not use the standard hl2/css textures for this. It kinda breaks the futuristic feel (even with combine textures), unless you are really good with texture placement.

Yeah I just realized we both can’t texture worth a damn…so…who wants to texture the map?

We need more people on the team. Especially someone good at detail work so this doesn’t end up looking like a bunch of boxes within a box.

i have a great computer, id love to help, but i have absolutly NO IDEA on how to make textures or use hammer or any of that sciences D:

Why would you waste the time to build a 3D floorplan of such a simple design in an external program?

You could just open Hammer and build what you have here in 5 minutes.

You can port sketchup levels into hammer.

I was working on a space map not too long ago that was supposed to take place inside an Eve ship. Looking out one of the various windows you could see the rest of the fleet.

But I’m not going to finish it since the skill is above me.
So I’ll just suggest the idea here in case you haven’t thought of it yourself.

What I did was, I took a bunch of 1/20 scale Eve models and put them in the Skybox in a fleet formation. The actual map itself looked as though it were taking place inside one of the multiple ships. The only problem was that the fleet looked extremally static, due to lack of any engine effects, things moving past the window, and slight deviations in the movement the fleet.
So someone else will probably be able to pull those things off.

Sound’s rather interesting… Also nice avatar :mario: