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Information :
Well rp_futura-city_V1 is a map im taking up by BldmessVB, its basicly a town which is over looking the acid infested ground. The ground is somewhere that you dont want to fall into as you will die instantly!

Pictures :
**** Edited Photos, Map not compilled yet ****

Progress :
Acid Infected Area = 5%
Town Area = 2%
Bridges = 6%
Overall = 4%

Credits :
*BldmessVB - giving me the ideas etc…
*Me - Mapper…
*A.starling - Ideas…
*Ultraguy - Ideas…

Comments & Ideas…

Can you get some bigger pics for us please?

Yeah yeah, give me 5-10 mins …

By the way sorry I didn’t review, can’t see shit cpt.

Anyways I think what you should do is have some kind of custom models that fly through the air just to give it an effect of being in the future with flying cars.

I Hope thats better,
Its gonna have like train tracks in mid air etc, it will link throught buildings etc, but its the plays job to make phx trains etc…

did you use a sharpen filter on everything? even the hammer screens? why?

Lookin’ sharp

Nope i just put a screen effect the pictures are atual pictures from hammer exept with a screen effect.
Why you ask, 1. the map is just started, 2. because mummy sayed so (kidding!) 2. becase theres a shitload to be done…

Don’t mess with the screen shots, it hard to tell wtf you made with an effect going over everything

Dude for christ sake if i was half blind i could stil flipping make out wat it was ! :slight_smile:

ACID TRIP :niggly:
Looks alright
but it would be easier to judge without the sharpen filter

Right give me 10-15 mins l make normal pics ? deal ?


Il add photos on the morning, its 04:23am here at the moment …

ok sounds like it should be good



8 hours later.

Who told you that spamming the sharpen filter was good? It looks horrible.

what the hell filter raped hammer images :geno:

How low can you go? :v:

Right sorry guys i was having a break from the computer.
I will fix the photos tonight, if anyone has ideas for the advertisment picture then send me the [IMG] Code and it will be put up.

Did you shapen the screens cause the map is ugly?
Sure looks that way.