Created in response to the abundance of poor-quality alternatives
to the popular map ‘rp_downtown_v2’, Rp_Genova_v2 is one-of-a-kind.

Rp_Genova_v2 is designed for medium to large sized servers.
Thoroughly tested and rebuilt, in-house for BSRP, to bring you the best RP experience.


Created by: ‘Cereal [BSRP]’ A.K.A. ‘Tehelee’
For: BestSeriousRP: www.bsrp.cc ( )
And: SammyServers : www.sammyservers.com ( )

Enjoy for use on your server!


I’ve always felt positive criticism was more effective than negative criticism, but I’ll be honest. It looks pretty darn bland. A notable example is the third pic down. There are three uses of the torn up billboard model in just that small area alone.

I’ll download the map anyway. I’d like to actually play the map before I make too much of a judgement, but I don’t think my first impression will change much.

I’ve never actually noticed that, the shot was taken from a very odd angle, and we originally had plans to re-skin those. I tried to be as varied with the map as I could, while still being aesthetically pleasing. I hope your opinion improves :smile:

I will give you that it looks a hell of a lot better than a lot of the shit people post here.

Keep up the good work

Done playing with it. The screenshots don’t do it justice. You did put some effort into this map. This map clearly prefers function over form. I suggest adding more screenshots of the interiors, and the underground system.

There’s a link below the pictures to a more formatted album:

You should make more unique map next time.
I’ve seen lots of rp maps which looks the same.

I see

There’s a hotfix, what did it fix exactly?

We ran a last test with SammyServers, and found some areas out of the map that you could prop-climb, or glitch your way to. I removed those and fixed some map IO bugs with a couple buttons.

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I worked with what I had, using the base textures of hl2, css, and gmod (construct water & grass).
And it’s also a pain to find production level textures that are free and work well with source.

And you then have to bzip any and all custom textures into a map, increasing it’s file size.
I really didn’t want to release a 100mb map.

Rp_Genova (the first one) went un-released because it was completely revamped for v2 here.
I’ll be providing a upload and screenies shortly. It was an underground-based map.
It turned out to be too unique, and a lot of people felt claustrophobic.

There are a lot more props and textures which work well if you expand into ep1 and 2.

And if you are making a map that will work on the majority of machines, the majority of people have ep2, if they don’t they are fools.

Key note, this is an RP map, and a lot of the people who play on RP servers are completely new to gmod, and most likely don’t have ep1 and 2. Maybe ep1, but it’s not a ‘duh’ standard.

I really would have liked to expand into ep1 and 2, but I limited myself to be available to the largest audience.

You could still have made this much more unique even with basic hl2 content.

And by the way,i have released loads of custom materials and models:

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And theres automatic bsp zip tools which automaticly pack all the used custom materials inside the bsp file.

I guess it’s a matter of opinion. Personally, i screw those who don’t have ep2 and make maps that have lots of ep2 content…as it is awesome.

Great map! A lot better than downtown!

i wish i could like this map, but i just can’t.


it looks like a few different buildings from other maps put into this one

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there’s no real architecture either, everything is just a giant boxy mess thrown together in a tiny plot of land with like 4 feet in between buildings

This is a really great map, I wish it would have been around back when I was still running RP servers.

If you’re looking at this thread and wondering if you should run this map or not, download it and walk around for yourself. Don’t listen to most of the people in this thread; they wouldn’t know a well made map if it hit them in the face.

I feel like a ant.

Improved texture quality. Just for Sphinxa279.

dat texture quality

Still looks arse :v: