RP_Ghetto (WIP, same applies to the name)

Well for the last couple of months as an on and off project with someone I have been making a map, mainly helping them fix it up at first, as they learnt they relied on me less and less, obviously. One day we just started working on it together, as a collaboration. I can’t remember if this map was ever meant to make it this far in the first place, but I have surprised myself with this. I have learnt new things, and so has my co-mapper (actually the head of the project too).

Well, we thought it would be time to post it, see how you guys like it, and see what we could improve on (I already know I can fix some of my cock ups, I’ll point them out as we go through), the map is still in development, we are open to suggestions, criticism and whatever basically. We may eventually change the name, but right now it is just to point out the theme better. An overview of the map in it’s current state;


Now, as you can see, it is a fairly small map, but I don’t feel it needs to be much bigger, to me size is where a lot of RP maps fail, look at Evocity, it’s a nice map, but it is so damn huge that you will rarely run into another player unless the server has a high limit and is populated. Whereas on a old favorite of mine (back in my new days and dev loving days) rp_devcity, was far too small, you were forever bumping into people, get ran over and lots more shit like that. I’m hoping this map hits a middle-ground, like downtown_v2 if you removed the sewer system.

Right now for the media tag rape, prepare yourselves men :v:
[release]Spawn Room: (Note: I may put my old anti-block system in from my last rp map, that worked surprisingly well)
I am aware of the areaportal fail, I don’t know what happened there as I didn’t actually add them.[/release]
[release]First sights outside:
The dark atmosphere really seems fitting to me, there aren’t many maps like this that aren’t huge/ fresh.[/release]
[release]The hotel: (Accommodation, holds approx. 5 people/ families)
Now, I know it’s blocky and all one texture, but come on, at least it’s not like…20 different textures mashed up :v: And yes, i am aware the lighting is a bit iffy, I might improve it later.[/release]
[release]The Gunrange: (right next door to the damn hotel…safety is not our main concern)
Yes, I will be replacing those dev textures, when? I don’t actually know myself.[/release]
[release]The CP station: (No, not CP as in leetle babies, CP as in *


Now, there is a armory and interrogation room, but you don’t want to see that, we fucked that up royally. Props EVERYWHERE.[/release][release]
Hospital: (of sorts)
Now I only got two images as there isn’t much to show. Yeah the lighting is funky isn’t it :smile:[/release]
[release]Warehouse: (It’s fucked, I got to fix the entities again…I keep breaking them)
(We thank you FPtje for your flashlight of fullbright rape)
Now, I actually like this more than most of the map, I don’t know why, but I do.[/release]
[release]Office block: (Gives you something to do while RP’ing I guess, and no, I don’t mean a job, I mean faffing around in lift :dance:)

This office building has been hell for me, the lifts just refuse to work right for me, I know how to fix them this time luckily. This was made harder with that damn viewport bug :argh:[/release]

29 Images later. and I feel a bit dead, I would annotate or comment on most, but I forgot what is what :v:

As I said, we are open to constructive criticism, ideas, help, e-love, whatever you want. Hell even a new name would be nice, just in case we do decide to change it.

Whats with the shiny door to heaveny slot on the “http://imgkk.com/i/HBCc4C3Z.jpg” picture? Otherwise i really like how this is loooking so far :smiley:


Finally a playable rp map.

That sir, is a unknown light source. Fuck knows why i added it, looks cool though.

And why does the PD remind me of jailbreak :v:

it is really blocky.
And for a ghetto, its pretty open. Ghettos are stereotypically innner city neighborhoods gone to shit. Make it more urban and squashed together. Even if the filler buildings are enterable or not.

Kind of blocky and could use a lot more work, But if you continue to work it looks like it could be a decent map.

I do see what you mean by the openness, but the name was sort of to get a theme, we may change it we may not, but we could add more buildings, as it looks a bit bare right now.

Hey, I’m the head mapper( yeah, I registered just for this).

I understand the problems and they will be fixed as soon as I get the .vmf back.

needs doorframes.

I’ve tried that in the past, man, you do not want to see my doorframes. The only good ones I’ve ever done are the ones in the Hospital, and they aren’t even real frames.

3 brushes, not rocket science.

I agree, I’ll be sure to include door frames. It will present a lot of detail that this map needs right now.

With the hotel, maybe some broken tiles in one room? All the other rooms seem to be a little broken and everything.

Sounds good, I do that a lot in my other maps.

[li]This doesn’t look like a ghetto.
[li]It appears to be a bunch of random looking blocky undetailed buildings in a generic grid using an overused low quality 5 year old road texture.
[li]Maps without realistic underground are annoying.
[li]Add some fucking doorframes.

You should use a search engine to find out what an actual ghetto looks like and then proceed to make it, I suggest realistic looking urban buildings.

Nobody is going to want to play a boring generic map when superior options are availible.

Well, that is true, I will add the doorframes, like I said and I think TNE said he wants some form of underground…no idea what that will come out like though.

Right now it is a random collection of buildings, yeah, but this is still a fairly early stage of the map, I would love to make more realistic looking buildings, but I kind of suck at getting the details right, hopefully TNE can do them right. Or I learn :smile:

You should definitely change the street light entities to have an orangish tint like this.


This really makes it seem a lot more ghettoey. Also, add a whole lot of brick apartments.

The Pro, I understand the map is in desperate need of detail, I have already got a lot of spots where I’m going to add detail. Like I said, I will give you guys your doorframes.

NOTE- The pics will be updated as the map continues. Detail is my main concern at the moment.

Just commenting on your combine area… it’s too combine. From what was seen in HL2, the combine just sort of… modify… any building they see that may suit their purpose. Just look around in game for improvement. It shouldn’t be all combine-texture. You should first build a normal building and say “Hey, what would the combine put here for their purpose?”

You know, I never thought of that, I guess that bit in particular could do with much more though.