Happy valley is a new project i’m working on. This is a valley-based city which sits in the middle of a small lake, trees and mountains. I’m not yet sure if this is to be successful, but the idea seems to fit well.
This map will have an open air-space for people who enjoy Helicopters and planes.

Please note that I haven’t yet planned the size of this map, so i’m not sure if it will be too big. This is also my first big map, so It map look amateur.

Expected Attractions/Building
-Park x3
-Bank (which accessible vault)
-Parking lot, 3 story
-Skyscraper x3 (Only accessible on a few floors, Roof accessible for landing etc.)
-Modern wearhouses
-Empty Shops (No logo’s) x6 -10
-Gas Station
-Outposts (placed on moutainous area)
-Hotels x2-3
-Constuction sites x2 (Decoration only)

Any idea’s of what else to add would be appreciated, any advice upon detail of map so far would also.
This map will not be a flat city, this will have flat areas for the sake of detail, but will also be bumpy and uphill for some buildings.

Do lighting, for the love of god.

yeah, I haven’t got round to that yet, if you notice the street lights arent even lit

Is their gonna be an ETRU Building by chance ;3

lol give him time dude.

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i really like the tower being built. if you want a tip on how it could look more “under constructiony” is if you import the css textures. there are some textures in there with visible pipes and insulation with the plastic dust cover.

Eh it’s ok, I know who this person is xD I don’t think he is aware of who I am. And also theirs some catch netting textures in their aswell, they’re good for making scaffolding.

Wasn’t planning on it xD
Good job on the 4late map btw. Who is that btw? Steam name wise…

Andromeda :3

Ah, so you’re the owner.

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George Parsons, right?

Made a new American diner, it’s connected to the underneath of a 3 story carpark

I’m also looking for some floodlight models to place ontop of the carpark, anyone help please?

Im in need of certain models, such as Flood lights for the carpark roof. Not too tall though. I also need speed signs and no parking signs. Anyone know where I can get them?

Im liking the look of this but the only thing thats i dont like is that eggshell color texture everywhere it just seems boring and bland but the rest is good.

I’ll work on adding some more custom textures. Thanks for the comment :wink:

btw I feel like that time texture is a bit overused/noisy in the diner shot, try to break it up with more floor types
also add lighting pls

I’m working on lighting as we speak, also trying to make the textures fit well with each other, so it doesn’t look like one side of the city is American style and the other is Afghanistan style :stuck_out_tongue: