Have you done anything at all? Because this just looks like an empty thread.


Do you have any work…


upload some quickies from hammer, open hammer and take a screenshot.


You can’t use [img] tags for a file on your computer. You must upload it first.
Use www.tinypic.com for that

And Please Don’t Write Like This, As It’s Really Annoying To Look At…

Mapping Section Rule #7

Please dont name maps from your nick name…

You have to register at bebo?

You need to be your friend to see the second pic, and i cant see the first.


So your build area is decompiled gm_construct?


A construction rp map is so much of a mix that it will be awkward to do. Based on your inexperience and newness to facepunch, my guess is that you aren’t sure what type of map you want to make.

You’d be better off making it yourself. Decompiling messes up a lot of the brushes, which will have to be remade.

I thought that Node work looked familiar. :smug:

Why decompile gm_construct, when you can make your own geometry in short time?

And why did you resize the image to only 320x200 pixels, you can hardly see anything in it.