rp_highlife WIP [Mirror's edge styled map]

The map is set in a world where cities are a set of clusters hanging in the air.
In the heart of highlife we find the Hub. This is some sort of airport which allows
people to teleport in and out of this cluster.

Here’s a list of districts:
[ul]Metastatic area or commonly “the hub” is the lowest district to live in.
Blueish area. New joiners will enter the map from the hub. Which is a huge room with some teleporters.
There’s gonna be a lot of welcoming screens. Very urban area, but still utopic architecture & colors.[/ul]
[ul]Reflex area:
Nice natural area with focus on lofts & appartments.
The water processing centre is located here as well.[/ul]
[ul]Actino area:
Red area. Plaza with shopping centre & a nice swimming pool.[/ul]
[ul]Solar area:
Blue-greenish area.
Small area with roof access. Rents garages on the lower levels.[/ul]
[ul]Pure area:
Purplish area with restaurants and hotels. A tourist paradise.[/ul]
[ul]Accent area:
Orange area with focus on lofts and business.[/ul]
[ul]Kinetic area:
Yellow-goldish area. Premium lofts and architecture.
This quarter is meant for richies.[/ul]

Reflex in progress
Actino in progress
Metastatic in progress

Pictures 21/01/11

Pictures 22/01/11:

Pictures 23/01/2011:

Pictures 1/2/2011:

Pictures 2/2/2011:

Pictures 20/2/2011:







Pictures 10/6/2011:












Wow, Looking good! Nice textures.

Looks pretty nice so far. I love the Mirror’s Edge visual style, and you certainly seem to have pinned it down. Are you planning to change the railings and flowers in the first picture? They don’t really seem to fit IMO

Indeed I was thinking of that as well. I don’t know what to pick … :frowning:
Anybody have ideas for nice flowers & handrail models? Because i really can’t model :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy shit I thought these screenshots were from Mirrors Edge it’s self!

In Mirror’s Edge all the plants are white, I believe, so you could just change the texture of the plants. For the railings, I guess you could reskin the HL2 railings to be shiny and black. I’m no modeller either, but I assume that’s possible.

Bed time for you :downs:

Wasn’t there a quick way to change the material a prop carries?

Mis-Read ^



I’ll see what I can do about it. Maybe CSS props got some better rails. Dunno.
Tomorrow I’ll try to work it out :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m working on a Mirror’s Edge map. :frown:

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Oh well, your textures are awesome. I’m getting frustrated with mine. :buddy:

I was making a map based off the white city in the background of the menu.

I corrupted the vmf when I tried to make a scale version of the SHARD building :smith:

That sucks. :frown:

OP, do you want this texture? It’s the best thing I’ve done yet.

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Maybe that’s not a good thing…

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Never mind, it’s dumb. Your wall textures are more realistic.

Well, yours don’t suck, the only issue would be the relation to the other textures.

Anyways, if anybody could point me some good Mirror’s Edge props you can earn an advert in the hub of my map! Just so you know.

I’m off to work on the map now, see ya :wink:

Looks excellent. Good use of envmaps on the wall materials. Are you planning to use color correction?

Well since I made an A in my Modeling class, I’m going to try and model some props.
I’ll give them to you if they don’t suck. :buddy:

Brilliant! Anything presentable is good. I’ll then make a texture with your name & hang it as an advert xD

Nice textures. You’re going to have to use smooth models for furniture and stuff like that.

The flowers look out of place…

But everything else looks fantastic, no complaints on my end THAT’S for sure.

mirrors edge is nice and all but i’m tired of all these maps.