Welcome to Hogwarts,

This map has been made for the RPoudlard french community and is now available on the Steam Workshop.
It has been made in like 4 months, and is my very own vision of Hogwarts, so not exactly the same as seen in the movies.

Features :

  • the Courtyard
  • the Great Hall (with the enchanted ceiling)
  • the 4 Common Rooms
  • 5 Classrooms
  • The Duelling Club
  • The Library
  • The Astronomy Tower
  • The Park
  • the Greenhouses
  • Hagrid Hut
  • the Forbidden Forest
  • The Quidditch Field
  • The Chamber of Secrets
  • Ghosts moving in the hallways
  • Soundscapes

Video :

**Screenshots :











Credits :

  • Steinman : making the map
  • Yaya : making awesome customs models for the map
  • [ExtReM]Lapin : beta testing the map
  • RPoudlard Staff : supporting me during the map development

Steam Workshop link :

too bright

Looks pretty good, and complex. I’ll check it out in a moment, been looking for a new RP map.

holy shit man, can’t believe that this is actually made.
very well done

Looks really good, thanks for the release. I hope you will update it more, maybe making it less bright on some paths outside. But other then that thanks for spending a lot of time on the map for us.