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Mediafire Mirror: >DOWNLOAD<
Garrysmod.org is still buggy so I’ll just leave this link here forever.

Night Version: FP Thread

I accidentally used a cardboard box infrom my L4D2 content rather then HL2 content. I uploaded a fix so you don’t see an error, here: >DOWNLOAD<

This is a wilderness/hl2 outlands style RP map geographically placed in the Ineu mountains of Romania (though the brushwork is not geographically correct). Designed for a community (no there are no ads or anything, its just a random area for overwatch). It’s a combination of the Episode 2 maps “ep2_outland_10” and “ep2_outland_10a” with some of my own brushwork to merge the two maps (the pass) as well as fill in some areas to make the map less linear. The map has buildings in the town as well as a small garage kind of thing erected on one of the hills. There are access points alongside the cliffs to climb up the cliff faces. The whiteforest station was converted into my own creation (the whole thing is my work aside from the outside entrance) of a bunker with a black mesaish looking mini lab. If you don’t have episode 2, no worries. As long as you don’t mind a little purple and black with a few errors here and there. I packed some of the materials and models into the map.

Here’s a list of what the map includes:

-high skybox
-tons of walking space
-verticalness to decrease linearity and increase “room”
-overwatch outpost (hit use on the helicopters cockpit to teleport to the forest)
-custom skybox
-attempted optimization via z-clip plane and model fade distance (will probably increase the fade next version)
-10 different refugee/rebel camps

Valve - Brushwork “ep2_outland_10” and “ep2_outland_10a” and all Source Content (HL2, CS:S, EP2, L4D2)
Komaock - Skybox Texture
TopHATTWaffle - Waterfall Texture
SgtSickness - Sink Model
spaceship324 - Foliage Pack


This would look beautiful if you improved the fog on the mountains towards the left, and the trees at the top-right.

Surely the _d means they were decompiled. Did you fix the maps after you decompiled them?

Whoops. Didn’t mean to leave the _d in them. Yes they were decompiled. Valve never released any of their maps in the original .vmf format so, I really had no other way of obtaining the maps. It took me a couple days to restore everything but as far as I know, it’s all fixed.


Here’s a picture I made with the map in one of the late dev stages.


I used an external live renderer called ENB mod to get the HDR.

This looks awesome, downloading now.

Big and detailled, just perfect!

Beautiful setting.

oh my god, that skybox turns me on!

It seems I used the wrong cardboard box in one of the caves. Its most likely an error so here’s the fix if it’s bothering you. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?uk9g0iqzdaczcen

JAYSUS. I’m in game right now, and it’s probably the most amazing map I’ve ever seen in Gmod. The very scale of this thing is ridiculous; it’s probably bigger than rp_apocalypse, and just as detailed if not more.

There are little things here and there, like it’s slow in some spots. Also I’m missing some textures, and I must have them O: Namely the ones inside the base, in the lower levels there are a few floors where I can see into the map. Are they from CS:S?

They’re Episode 2 textures. I packed most of the major textures in so it’s at least playable for everyone but I’m not about to pack 400+ mb worth of materials and models. Also, there is a fair amount of CS:S content in the facility. I didn’t pack that as more people have CS:S then EP2.

Looks cool indeed, you have my download. I will upload a ragdoll pose here soon enough as a reply.

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Here you go!



This is one hell of an amazing map, my only gripe is that it tends to be unbearably laggy in certain locations. I can run rp_apocalypse, gm_atomic, and the newest Evocity without any such problems. Other than that this map is fantastic, good work bro!

This goes straight to my favorite maps of all time, it deserves so much more attention.

Been trying to post on garrysmod.org but its not working right now <.<

This map is the most awesome map I ever saw.
Guys, it’s excellent!

What idiot reported it?

Not sure. I’ll delete and re-upload when garrysmod.org comes back up.

Fuck… My antivirus is saying something like “Malicious site blocked” when i click download.

Looks like an awesome map by the way.

Great map. Very nice job there mate!