rp_inftown - For DarkRP and possibly other gamemodes

  • snip, really shit map. won’t ever release this piece of shit. -

It’s good, spacious. But a little too spacious I think.

It might be personal preference but I think there needs to be a lot more detail to the architecture. Supports comes to mind. Once you have those the lighting will do a lot of the work for you.

The shapes of rooms and buildings need to be more interesting, not just box shapes.

But you’re doing a lot better than I did when I started mapping, well done.

Thanks. I actually expected a much harsher reply.
I’ll try and shape some of the new industrial buildings I’m planning to add. Thanks for the tips!

Nice job, very clean brush-work.

Keep working on those mapping skills, you’ll be surprised how far you can go.

Take a look at this if you say you want to improve your lighting ability: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Lighting

Again, thanks! :dance:

I will keep up the work. Anything you’d like to see in the map? I’ve got a crapload of open space that I’m not doing anything with yet. While I have plans for some of it (Houses, probably), I’d like some more ideas :slight_smile:


Ignoring that tiled tower block, it was there as a backup. I plan to have buildings cover it.

Those surrounding buildings - ouch. I started where you are and here’s my advice.

My main problem was that I tried to make things look uniform in my early maps - don’t do it.

Add different heights to the buildings,
add supports,
different textures,
pull some buildings away from the sidewalk,
pull some apart from the others,

And use the vertex tool to create more dynamic shapes.

Just make sure that the map has a flow, but don’t make it look too square and bland. Switch it up!

Thanks. I intend to remove that ‘rowhome’ skybox once I’ve got more ‘dynamic’ buildings, if that makes sense, since the train track goes outside the skybox I don’t want to see it through the skybox, so I put that there.

Again, much appreciated!


This is spectacular for your first real map. Since this is intended for non-serious roleplay, I actually wouldn’t concentrate too much on the detail. People like to be able to make their own props whenever and wherever possible. People playing DarkRP won’t mind that there’s too much space in a room, or no decorations along the street. They’ll be able to use any room for any purpose without static props in their way.

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Also, the doorframes are a really nice touch.

Yeah, that was the idea. I like to make my own stuff too. Although I’m not designing this JUST for myself, I’m thinking how another RPer would, if that makes sense.

Thanks :smiley:
I’ve seen doorframes fail on other maps (I.E. the door not actually fitting the frame, most notably on rp_downtown_v4c_v2, frame being too large/small, textures looking crappy, etc) so I am using the same type of doorframe/texture throughout my map.

Fig1. Neither the door or the textures match - Back of the double door gunshop @ rp_downtown_v4c_v2

Nice for a first map! But there is some little thing that really need change:
The street-walk need a total relook, It doesn’t look real. Try something like this(Quick hammer shot):


Then, work on the roof, put some texture and wall/railing on them(Look at some real life photo or even some RP map)
Try to breakup the texture, add some detail to the wall…
The doorways could use some work, look how valve make them in Hl2
In fact, looking how a map is made is a good way to learn how to detail.
Good luck!

Thanks for the advice!

Great job, looks leagues better than my first released map.
Keep at it, you’re doing good

It’s always nice seeing new people on these forums, and I’m here to help

Here’s some advice
half the design is in the brushes and models, the other half is in lighting

If you need lighting, I’m your guy!

You can view my thread here for a quick overview if you’re a visual learner


Or if you really like reading and want to check out a long every-basics document, you can use pinecleandog’s document

If you want a more visual breakdown, message me and I can give you some tips

Thanks :smiley:

A few hours put into your brushwork and light and it would do a huge diffrence already :slight_smile:

Good luck and keep on trying !!!

Awful brushwork, looks more like a sandbox map with these box-like builidings.
I think you should train a little bit, make few aim maps for CS:S with a lot of detail and such, try setting a proper lighting, maybe some decals to fill these empty walls.

well on the bright side the apartment building is wheelchair-accessible

It’s a good start into mapping but don’t get overly ambitious too fast. Start smaller and focus on making every aspect serve a purpose to the player, logically think of scale/study up online about normal source dimensions. Learn and adapt as you go along and you can get somewhere…

Not everyone is naturally amazing at mapping. Who cares if my map is full of square buildings, I’m not some amazing mapper that’s had years of experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like nor want to play CS:S, and decals will come. I do have a few but I wanted to finish more stuff before adding more decals.

That’s a horrible attitude to have. The people who play your map will care. If you want to become a better mapper, drop the attitude, keep making small maps and (this is quite important) don’t turn down constructive criticism.