Authors: Sam and pupu

Rp_irp_town is a new roleplay map set in a small yet interesting mountain town. The town is isolated from the outside world.

new pics -

Birds eye view

The Town

Oak tree


old pics -

The pool

Some stairs

Window view of town

Window view of town 2

The hotel

Random storage place

This map can be played on the IRP roleplay server.

Come give it a try at IRP. (

  • Sam

Doesn’t look great, But some people might use it.

It’s fair. It looks a little blocky and needs more detail. But generally it’s ok.

Added some new pics. Come try it out if you have the time.

Bad textures
Bad lighting

This needs some work.

^ Ignore him, rival server.

Never made anything, just criticizes others.
Its a beta… and is released on the server, and will be uploaded once the beta release has finished.

Didn’t we have a conversation somewhere else about making releases and at the hint of any negative criticism, run around like a blue arsed fly telling everyone that it’s only a beta?

The outside of the houses look a little too blocky, and lack detail. Gutters, cracks, dumpsters, rubbish. None there. It looks a little bit bland.
It also seems a little bit dark, I’m sure that it may impress you a little bit having a sunrise/set lighting setting, but it makes the place look dull and depressing.

The interiors are a little better, however. Just a few little things missing, like the fact that there’s no rails on that picture with the stairs.
The second picture below that one (window pic 2) is looking good, I like the fact that you’ve made a window sill there, and that handrail looks sexy.

One more thing: Turn your graphics to max before taking screen shots for a release on FP. It may give you a horrible framerate, but the lack of AA and the low texture res makes it look just that side of tacky.

blocky but nice

Thanks for your constructive criticism SylverSun, I’ll keep that in mind. And also I’ve never released anything before so… :stuck_out_tongue:

That Rail is Pupu’s work <3

Newb has been spamming my server, that’s why I was getting annoyed with him.


Spamming ur server?
I was there to RP.

I think you need to add gutters, trash, lamp posts (those are mighty important) and some elevation variation… Like maybe a couple buildings are build a little higher up than the rest with the roads ramping up the them, and then maybe a couple warehouse type buildings are build in a section that is lower.

Also, you could have some buildings close enough at the upper stories to run some boards between the windows and cross for would be RPers the have some entertaining escapes.

Looks like it could be a half decent RP map for a low grade computer
well done i say

I laughed. Check the spelling of the server’s name on the credit texture. Then check the actual name of it in the top left corner. :doh:

The roofs are blocky. Literally this time.
There’s no architectural design to them.

I’m sorry but that’s just fuck ugly and I’ve seen alot of horrible maps, get rid of the repeating textures, make some roofs that aren’t just flat surfaces, use textures for the names of stores and overall just use another map, this is a piss-poor excuse of a roleplaying map.

I understand people are giving him some constructive criticism, but tone it down a bit.
‘that’s just fuck ugly’ is a little far. Let him continue on making it and fixing the problems.
I like this map because it looks like it would run on peoples computers excellent if they have a bad computer as I do. All these big, laggy, extreme role-playing maps like by Sgt.Sickness lag my computer to its crashing point, and use textures and models from games that not everyone has. People need to have others in mind when they make an addon/map.

Hey, Pupu here!
Just came to check in some ideas and constructive criticism, and to tell you that i am already working on the next version wich will include:
-Access to Lagno city, a city based on high FPS
-More detail around main area
-Fixing credits room (Thank you HeroicPillow >.<)
-(idea) Surf Ramp
-(idea) Vehicle friendly

And as for Photon’s comment, yes, i did tone down the details for performance reasons, because i am not running on a fast pc myself.
If you have any questions, please ask.

It is bearable.
There are a lot of maps that are horrendously blocky with horrible, mismatched, stretched textures and layouts that make absolutely no sense at all. This isn’t one of them. Essentially it looks like the kind of stuff I make. It isn’t going to win any mapping contests but it works fine.

The best thing I can say is I was waiting for a small roleplaying map.

very nice, but mountains don’t look like that, I live in colorado.

I have an old computer, and I would rather have a crappy map that runs AWESOME than the best map ever made, and im getting 1 1/2 FPS.