RP_Joktown_v1 release!




Our server runs with the map:

Credists: “El_moablo/Lair darkness.” i’ll take no credists at all.

**If you find a bug, report it by pm me, or you can also email me on:**milliiiiiiiiiiiiiii@hotmail.com


Comment: This map have some secret rooms, you just have to find them good luck.

** Exstra comment: Sorry for taking so long edit, my network failed the night i was posting.
I know i should wait posting then, anyway i deleted unusefull codes i failed at.
Now i did it simple. For the ppl there saying, another guy made it well yes it he did “someway”
Really it was a projekt he dropped becurse it was full of errors and bad made.
The wall was not big enough and so on. Now my friend made a remake with new secret rooms, also with surban house.
And much more, so we are not a copy cat. Also he says that people are allowed to use the map to add things on.**

You need to boost that resolution, other wise it doesn’t look like something a group of people will be playing.


Where is your lighting?

Jesus christ it’s like you’re on mat_picmip 4000 or something

Also fullbright. Ew.


That must be the hardest e-mail ever to remember. :colbert:

Not just fullbright, but fullbright that uses sprites to make people think that it is just really even lighting.

Also, this map is not your own, so why the hell are you posting it?

Okay, some quick pointers I guess:

[li]Fullbright; add a light_environment to fit your skybox[/li][li]If you’re going to take screenshots, set all to high[/li][li]If its not your quality, for chrissakes edit your textures[/li][li]Blocky, try experimenting with vertex & alt. brush tools[/li][/ul]

Overall a decent effort, but just try to play around a bit more before releasing serious maps. The light_env suggestion is also important; noone like fullbright maps.

You really need lighting

yea, this map is not yours its Netheous’s map. RP_TNY_Town. you stole it.

Shit, how did I not notice that?

Well, Netheous did release his map for someone to finish off, but I think he did it hoping that someone wouldn’t remove the lighting and water from it.

Actually, come to think of it I know what’s happened here. I noticed in-game that it was lagging terribly, and the water was missing. I reckon there’s been a leak while compiling and he didn’t notice. That, or he deliberately didn’t run VVIS or VRAD.

coolcorky: It meant to have the water removed, if your computer cant run it then dont.

Assasssin_raptor: I havent stole it, he says it allowed to finish hes unfinish projekt, stop playing smart.

Will be glad to hear some nice comments now. :3

I don’t like this map, envirnoment fails

He wanted someone to finish it, not make it utterly shit.

Agreed, you made a decent map into a steaming pile of crap. Why did you remove the lighting and water. The map was fine to begin with, just maybe better detailing on the roofs of the building. I don’t think Netheous wanted someone to make it better not worse.
And about the water, no one shouldn’t be able to play just because of that small channel of water.

And you need to give credit to the original creator if you are going to post their work.

You are allowed to finish it…not steal it. You still haven’t given credit to the original author.


Does that mean you did not make this version of the map…and if not, why the hell did you post it?

Jesus, this map and thread is quickly becoming quite the clusterfuck of exactly what not to do with a map.

I think you guys should at least try the map.

Did you not read what I posted?

I did. And it was terrible. All that has been changed from the version Netheous uploaded was the lighting had been removed, and VVIS hadn’t been run properly. It’s not just my PC that was causing lag, as I have pretty high specs, it was lack of optimisation. I was getting that “Renderables” error you get if you noclip out of the map on BigCity, and I was just walking around.


And if you didn’t even edit this map (as you were giving credit to someone else), why the fuck did you post it?

Why should we try a shit map? Your logic is flawed


I smell new mapper syndrome, the overrating of one’s own work, and lack of appreciation for quality work from others.