So I’m pushing it out whether Garry fixed Portal 2 or not…


Jorpakko, a fictional Finnsh City, is a large-scale RP map designed to combine both fun and realistic experiences to Garry’s Mod. The map features the following:


  • Plenty of Apartments (Shower / Saunas and Nice Views Included)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Metro / Train Station
  • Full Sized Hospital
  • Highway
  • Gas Station
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Potatotech™ Office Building
  • Oskutin’s ~Revolutionary~ Muti-Stop Elevators

You Will Need the Following Content in order to Properly Use the Map:

  • Portal 2 (Garry broke Portal 2 mounting. We’ve included the most important models, but please start bugging Garry to fix this.)
  • L4D 2 (Apparently Garry also broke this)
  • Ep2 (Max of S2D is working on a content pack if you don’t own this)
  • Ep1
  • CSS (Content Pack from Max)



Special Thanks:

BJK / WebofTrust
I’m not Meow Meow

Workshop Link
1337 Upload Mirror




nice jerb

the link doesn’t work though

I don’t think it needs ep1.

There was a couple props that I used I think

Trying to figure out why the workshop link isn’t working, it’s public but not showing up…

You could also use garrysmod.org ,it’s still pretty popular.

This looks astounding, good work!

I think I found the problem

I uploaded to the GM13 Beta Workshop :suicide:

This map <3 I will use it for our rp :slight_smile: Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Forgot to say, Very good work, So nice map :slight_smile:

There we go, sorry about that

You need L4D to see the models correct?

L4D2 Contains most if not all of the L4D1 models, though I’m not sure if mounting works correctly.

I’m assuming you just need L4D2.

Fantastic, i am curious though.
Isn’t this alot of stuff to be mounted?
Its defintely more than traditional RP maps.
Im not arguing with the results though.

I agree, hopefully Max of S2D will create some compatability packs for L4D2 and Portal.

Holy shit you guys finished it. How long did the final render take and is it by any chance compiled with hdr?

You could release vmf for modifying this map for gamemodes.

o cool

I just find it funny that you decided to release it on Gabe’s Birthday too. Was this done on purpose or completely by accident?

This is amazing. Nice job!

EDIT: Huh, I just booted up the map, and I see a bunch of errors. I have every Valve game, so I’m assuming its because of that problem with the mounting