150+ mb bsp? ew.

Release it in gmod.org and in 1337 upload first.

I can’t do final compile with steam crashing constantly…

Have some other slut do it then.

Can’t you use something like VBCT so you don’t have to go through hammer / steam?

VBSP, VVIS, and VRAD all rely on steam to be running (as well as hammer)

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jorpakko should barely make it

so apparently you can’t mount portal 2 in gm13

this is a problem

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this is a big problem

What I’ve seen so far looks really awesome… keep it up.

Can’t you pakrat the Portal 2 content it uses? Does it use a lot or a little?

I believe he’s trying to avoid packing all of the content into the map so that he could upload the map (that’s just barely reaching the size limit alone) on Steam Workshop.

upload all of the P2 content it uses to a dropbox .zip, put the link to said .zip in the description on the workshop thing. Tedious but for this good of a map people shouldn’t mind.

Won’t valve get a little PO’d? Plus I’d have to sort all of the content out, which is just always fun.

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Although, I CONVENIENTLY have a folder of all of the required content sorted out, but that would probably make them even more mad.

release without major amounts of valves content…

i guess i have to sort then. fun.

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can’t even launch gmod. great.

Delay cycle :v:

I’m at work…

Nothing’s mounting in Gmod… content not showing, etc.

screw it, done for tonight

Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve heard of this map, good thing it isn’t long till release I guess :v:

Looks like a great map, nice job GameDev.



Not visited here in a while but the post above certainly is a nice surprise!