Rp_kaupunki is a city map ,where i’m going to put some tunnels and such. Also Some alleys and rooftops are nice too?

There’ll be some oldish apartment buildings in city center for richer people also there’ll be some detached houses for richer people on edge of map.
Poorer people will live in concrete/brick apartment buildings or some random houses.
Also there will be (maybe a hotel) and some modern buildings…

Commuter train: connects the edge part to the center.
also roads between edge and center.

Pictures (from newest to oldest):

City center:



Awesome as usual, oskutin.

Woah. That is amazing! :smiley:

Is there going to be a subway system?

Umm… Not planned it to map, but may be.
I thought more like a commuter train.

This looks delicious, keep going.

For all people who doesn’t know what aupunki means, it means city.
Oskutin is famous of making finnish names at the end :smiley:

can i have a list of all your maps?

Uh… I don’t even remember them all.

eem. Cool map but I would suggest you to make/get some other model of clock. That’s kinda small for so big tower I think. Make it from brushes?

Station platform kind of reminds me of Pasila station.

So, the commuter train will be board-able? Or is it just eye-candy? Either way, this looks really realistic.

Hope you add more to the city itself too! :open_mouth:


Boardable ,but i need to get model for it.

I tought you left here, Im so glad my favorite FPer is back!

Plus its funny when other people try to say finnish stuff :downs:

Hmm, once this is out, expect it to be the new rp_downtown_v2

Can some one make me a commuter train model with interior and doors?

this reminds me just a bit of Toronto Union Station

put screens in the station to display Train times etc

and make the train look like this


Thats not commuter train.



Yes it is in my area it does not have to be as long but it is one

i ride it all the time and know
its called a GO train

Nice work!
Looks like it would make a good left 4 dead map.