[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] RP_Kaupunki
[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A huge Finnish themed map


[tab]Required games:[/tab] CSS HL2EP2

This map is based on Human Error mod, http://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-2-short-stories/
I got a permission to edit this map from the leader (Au-heppa) of the mod.
I RP-ified the map so you can RP in it. The map’s size is big, so it’s good for vehicles.
There is a forest area where is an abandoned building in the corner, and 8 town houses.
Then there is a city area where is PD, bar, garages, 3 flats and more.
I didn’t decorate the interiors, I let players do it.
The map is also very well optimized, so you can expect to play it with +70 fps.


Custom models’ and textures’ authors

Have fun!

The forest area looks really nice.

Downloading now, will give it a try. Might be used on TNB.

Awesome as always.

Looks awesome, got my download! :q:

Looking mighty fine.

I tested it. It’s optimized nicely, over 60 fps with high settings with my oldish computer. :3:

Can you upload this to somewhere else than this hosting site? I swear, it has so many ads, especially when I click the download button, it just opens up a new tab with an ad on it, making me impossible to download.

Well, you are impossible to download…




Nevermind, I just clicked the “Save file to PC: click here” button.

Yeah, oskutin let me name the map RP_Kaupunki

You’re startin to get good at this stuff man. Keep it up.

Awesome map.

Awesome, looks great

It looks pretty great.


yey, finland!

Great map!

Yeah that dl website sucked for me. Would be nice if it could come from elsewhere.

I can’t download from that crappy hosting site you put it on, just constant advertisements, host it somewhere else please.