I made again a medieval map, but in lakeland setting.
I had to say that this was a little “disapointment” to me, but I hope you like it anyway, even it may be little laggy.


And the pics:

Holy crap, that’s Beautiful!

You have my download. This looks awesome for fantasy shots as well…

I like it, looks great. All of your maps have that bright sunny sky.

be-a-utiful got my download

Nice map but lags like


. So it’s kinda unplayable.

Awww I have a really sucky pc :frowning: So I wouldnt be supriced if my fps went to 0 on this map(Or maybe even crash D:).

Anyway the map looks beautiful man, nice work.

With my fresh built gaming computer it is quite laggy… I love it though, could you possibly work a bit more on optimization?

It looks AWESOME, all your maps are AWESOME. You are AWESOME.
Got my download.

Excellent work, it looks like rp_mountainvillage only better : )


Holy tapdancing Christ on a pogo stick!
Downloading right now.

You may wanna turn down the HDR scaler a tad; that sky is waaaaaaay too bright. Other than that, looks fantastic. Shame about the lag.

How have you not been abducted by Gabe Newell yet?

Kesk with a different name? Awesome

Does the draw bridge work?

I made three screenshots earlier today with it
it’s an awesome map

Although the drawbridge wasn’t functional in the beta, I kinda liked it a lot more because it lagged less than the final. :sigh:

I love it. Downloading now.

EDIT: This map is beautiful! I’ve only explored half of it so far, I’m using it while I’m developing SeriousRP as a test RP map.

It is now my favourite RP map.

It was functional in beta.
And i can say, that village made the map lag :sigh:

I cant describe with the words.
Great art!

how is this a “disspontment”?

Its awesome