This is a map that has been under construction for QUITE some time now.

It began as an Apple Store map, then the community said there should be a surrounding atmosphere, so it turned into a mall, and following my recent obsession with aircraft, it has been transformed into, a fictional Arrival and Departure terminal in Los Angeles International Airport.

Here’s the pictures of progress. Please remember, it is still VERY WIP!

The Store that started it all:

Starbucks Coffee:

Departures Schedule Screen:

Microsoft Retail Store:

Airliner Gates:



Burger King:

Player Owned Shops:


Please share any constructive critisism.

Looks pretty nice

I like the looks of it. I admire your use of custom textures. Watcha doin’ later?

What do you mean what am I doing ‘later’? :stuck_out_tongue:

Blocky, waaaaaaaaaaaaay too blocky. Stretched textures galore, no real architecture. Get some refrence pics of LAX and base it off that. I’m sure it’s not as flat.

Great stuff :cheers:

What’s with the title name?

A target in an airport?

Sure… why not. Awesome work on the Starbucks by the way.

Also, it’s Apparel, not Apperal.

Very, very blocky. Looks very little like LAX.

Even though it looks very little like LAX I have always wanted an awesome airport map, YAY :slight_smile:

Dear god, what were you thinking when you made the map? You have non-func_detailed brushes cutting into the world (and even a cylinder in a few places) which significantly raise compile times, make the intersecting areas look horrible and drop frames in-game from unnecessary rendering.

Welcome to Facepunch’s mapping section.

With a little work, this could be as good as the mall map that was never released

or any mapping forum with people who really know what they are doing…

VVIS can be a bitch if you don’t optimize properly

why does everything in the microsft store float in the air?

Yay Apple :smiley:

Nice work!

Well, I accidentally deleted my entire post. I was going to break everything down picture by picture, but I will need to shorten it considerably.

The ‘apple store’:
Too many light props, all the textures are too low res, the light is overpowering, the one image in the back looks like a shot of Half-Life one from the bad lighting, blocky brushwork and brushwork chairs I strongly suspect are not actually yours.
I can tell when the textures are too low res by the way the stock hl2 low res barstools look so highly detailed they are out of place.

The ‘starbucks’:
Here you have a slightly nicer wood paneling texture that helps offset quite a bit of the blurriness of the other textures.
The store would look quite a bit better if you actually had a floor, there are too many light sources again and you are using normal lights on the ceiling instead of spotlights, the matte black texture on the counter is not aligned properly, you are again using that nasty low res wood texture as a huge eyesore in the middle of the room as well as a weird floor space eating border thing at the bottom of the walls.

Again, what looks like brushwork chairs of higher quality than surrounding work, and when we go into the storage room you have these weird silver pillars that are slightly smashed into a oval shape, looking entirely out of place.
The storage room has nothing of interest because it is a colored box, with floor eating border thing.

The ‘departures schedule board’:
This looks alright, but the wall behind it looks terrible, the textures are anything but aligned.

The ‘microsoft store’:
Dragonsdoom of the San Francisco Limes said it was “A huge waste of brushes and light props, culminating in a complete lack of floor or support for the absurdly thin glass walls.

The airliner gates:
These look like a complete lack of effort. I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw a airliner desk like this? You have a plaque, a round thing and a oddly textured flat thing that might be a desk if it was cast out of solid steel sideways in the mold.
The boarding tunnel/platform looks quite good compared to everything else, I think you were improving here. Less light props and fairly decent texture work make it look quite a bit better than everything else so far.
The plane, much less so.
I will not go into the plane because I can only see one angle of it, but suffice to say if it is built the way I think it is you probably added about two hours to your compile time right there.

The hall:
I already commented on most of the general hall stuff from earlier, but the only point I want to make here is the texture on the conveyer belts or whatever those are is stretched so much it could be compared to a rubber stocking.

The burger king:
The way the bk is built it actually came out fairly well, it actually looks like it belongs in this building.
However, it is still very blocky and lacking detail.

The player owned shops:
These actually came out fairly well, but we run in to our old nemeses again; Absurd glass, stretched textures, no entrance, too many light props and a new foe to the fight coming to us from the ceiling: repeating textures.

The target:
As to why there is a entire department store in a airport, I don’t really mind. However the slab of ceiling out front is the most boring mall or airport architecture I have ever seen.
It is literally one huge slab of tiled drop ceiling.
Anyway, on the inside the lighting works surprisingly well, the floor texture is fairly good and the ceiling texture is not too bad.
However again it is blocky and low detailed, with some mismatched textures and odd lighting patches.

My recommendation is to fix the issues i have presented to you, which in the case of the apple and microsoft stores is basically to delete them and start from the ground up again.
I also recommend doing some tutorials; I personally find the half-wit 2 ones quite handy, and I also recommend you learn how to use the texturing panel, which would make everything look about twice as good if you fixed everything.
And finally take the time to up your graphics to maximum,(especially AA,) and turn off the crosshair when taking pictures.

Everything is made out of Windows.

i like the look of this map, nice custom textures

did you make the custom models too?