Roleplay-themed map I’m currently working on, which currently includes two apartment buildings a small garage and a small cornerstore-ish place. I’m open for suggestions as to what to add (suggestions like “big spaceship hovering over the map” will be dis-regarded however).

Wall of picture time!
Outside the apartment and.

Apartment and garage interior:

I will update with more media as I progress, also if anyone thinks this map is shit and a waste of time then please tell me now so I can make it better.


It looks pretty blocky, and has repeating textures.

you should add detail to outside like bus stops, trash, etc…plus a little work on adding detail inside

Any suggestions on how to make it less “blocky”? I can think of a few ways, but I’d like to hear your suggestions. Also yeah the good old repeating textures problem, I’m going to have to switch to some concrete textures for the buildings as valve only had so many brick textures and they all look the same.

Ah yes, thank you for the critisism, I have been working on some models for this actually…

But it takes some time as I am still new to the modelling front and source really makes it hard for you.

Your mapping, in comparison to your modeling, is horrible.

There are some good parts, but some walls could use a tad more detail, mainly the exteriors. Otherwise keep it up, bro.

If you need some more models and materials take a look here:


PS: The map looks good and as its still in its first stages its coming great, i suggest you get more textures from the thread and make it look even better.

This map looks depressing

Vary your architecture. Look at this building, then back to yours.

This one has some small buttresses and railings that stick out, breaking up the blockiness.
Fire escapes help too

PRO TIP: It’s proven that maps set in daytime are played more than maps set at night.

Look at the building behind the building with all the railings, then look at mine(this is where you’re supposed to go “oh”). Also changed my map to daytime since I realised the same thing.

Even though this post doesn’t sound like it, your critisism is well taken under consideration and I’m already starting to put some more intresting architachture into the map.

Wow seriously? A $350 fine if you honk? What if I start honking down the street and hold it until I got to that street light?

“No officer, that was just my car alarm…”