RP_Littletown WIP

Please check out the release thread!

Thats looking pretty good, but for Buy’n’large, why dont you use the cs_office lights, which are inside the celing tiles, it would be awesome.
Maybe a cinema, for the wiremod youtube cinema

Looks interesting.

The office room, with the wood? (picture 10) That’s too much. Like, everything is wood.
You should also make it bloom less.

I don’t really like the fountain.

I reduced the refract effect of the fountain water now to 50%.

it looks amazing!

but yes a cinema would be nice/epic

Include trains.


Oh you and your train fetish. :v:

Looks good, but may I ask, where’d you get that air raid siren?

I made the air raid siren model, the BNL models and the glass door of the gunshop.
Air raid siren pictures: http://www.garrysmod.de/forum/showpost.php?p=394237&postcount=539



You mean:


If there are gun spawners in the gun store make sure they are disable-able

There are no spawners.

Gun store?

Why :<

The Buy’n’Large looks good on its own but seems to be more like a TF2 style map than the resto f the map, just my opinion.

Gun store does not have weapons.
Erik is optimicing the map for serious roleplay, and works together with much german community members to make the map as good as possible.
And it actualy already looks awesome :3

I really like the BNL Shop, it reminds me of “Dead Rising” style, which is good!

And I agree with you there, a Cinema would be nice! xD

Whats with the xD’s all of a sudden?

Add a skyscraper in the skybox. :3:

No, I wont place a skyscraper in a town with small buildings :stuck_out_tongue:

What would be the screen ratio of the cinema for the wire camera? 16:10, 4:3?

yea… dont add a skyscraper… it reminds me of a country town… if i was you i would put a farm