This was the WORK IN PROGRESS thread, it has now since been completed and its thread is here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1329899&p=43037526

Jesus lord, it looks fantastic! I see it having a lot of potential. How big is the map size overall? I feel it plays a big part in server usage.

Best of luck with it. I’ve been digging around for many RP maps, and this looks like it fits the bill.

Another question: are there a lot of those unsightly brush buttons around the map or just generally small but irritating design flaws with the map?

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You should actually set the sky to “painted,” the editable sky property that Garry’s Mod uses - it’s much more flexible than your standard skyboxes.

I love the ambiance it gives off, really nice work. Very professional. Great video too!

It reminds me of the old days of Gmod with the ambience and the mood. I like it.

Looks really nice. I hope it gets some playtime.

You should change the skybox to militia_hdr. :stuck_out_tongue:
Clear skies are always more comfortable to play with!

This is really nice.

In the first picture of OP there was a sewer gate that you can see that sticks out and in the 2nd picture you should add a over the little gap so it appears as if sewage was going through there

Man Im really diggin the sewer stuff. If you added some basic brushwork details to the insides of the rooms, lets say the bottom middle picture(green concrete walls room); you would make a big difference.
Some ceiling supports and wall pipes.

Good work.

Do you plan on hosting a server with this map?

Yup, as soon as I finish this my server is going to run this map.

This looks like an amazing map, I’ve been waiting for a new downtown-like map for a very long time. Can’t wait for the release, I’ll probably host it on my server as well. If you want any help with promotional videos or pictures, shoot me a PM and I’d be glad to help.

As for criticism, the only thing I can think of that would improve it would possibly be a more “detailed” sky. I don’t know what skybox textures are available to you, but one with more defined clouds would look great (in my opinion).

I’m thinking of doing another bugtest run soon, so I’m still looking for more PMs if you want to join in!

Can’t wait for this to be fully done and released, could be a new staple in rp maps

Looks good, but in a couple of screens, it looks like the lighting is to… white. I’d try and change the color of it a bit to make it seems less unnatural.

I think that you might have gone a little overkill with the lights in some of the indoor shots. Also, there could be a few more windows.

I love the vibe, reminds me of the ghetto areas of Detroit and Camden. Can’t wait!

This looks amazing :smiley:

Here’s a quick suggestion that I think would make this map even better (as very, very few other RP maps allow it to work), add the properties listed at the bottom of this add-on. It’s the most impressive day/night cycle I’ve ever seen, and it would add a hell of a lot of variety to the look of the map if servers could use it.

To see it in action, try it out on rp_industrial17.

I’m happy to say I’ve done a lot more work on it. A lot of tweaks and changes thanks to suggestions by everyone!

I have an album of 8 pictures showing 2 major aesthetic changes which I am loving:

I’ve fixed a lot of small bugs and whatnot, everything is going well. Just thought I should update everyone.