Rp_Madtown - Medium RP - New

Ok so i took on board ALL the things you guys said.

Sorry for posting such an early WIP :confused:

Well after 10 hours of hard work here is what i’ve done so far, I’ve now fixed the lighting on the basement but cbf to compile it atm.

C+C!! I really do appreciate it!


Not much to comment on… It’s pretty blocky to be honest.

You did improve some stuff since the last time I saw the map.

It’s looking better just a tad bit, but you need to get rid of the “blocky-ness” everywhere.

Yeh it’s almost completely different, there’s goin to be a fully working Swing/draw bridge, a river going out into the skybox and a foresty bit

I was completely distracted by your background… It was awesome!

By the way, are you by any chance sealing the map with a hollowed empty skybox (by looking at images 1 - 4)?

Is there anything wrong with doing that in the testing stages? Because I constantly find my self add ing bits and extending my hollowed box. And in the final version doing it properly.

Yes there is something wrong with that. Don’t cover your map with an empty hollowed skybox. For starters, it makes VVIS take a crap, and if implementing a skybox, I highly suggest following this top part of the page. And if you must do it your way, use the cordon tool instead.

By the way, are you using carve by any chance?

Hollow = Carve.

AKA: He already did.

Of course hollowing is the same as carving. What I meant was, is he using this method everywhere in his project?

I do do that. It’s just a pain if you map out this pretty little city and then realise you needed to add a seperate builing in the middle. My compile times are low enough so it doesn’t bother me, and I’ll fix it later. The same as I do all of my optimization at the en of my projects.

I like it.

Guys thanks for the link, i’ve already seen it and my way is fine apparently. I dont do the bottom and sides are nodraw etc, my map still takes like 10mins to compile/

For that scale of a map, it’s not supposed to take 10 minutes to compile. Your way isn’t fine when you’re talking optimization-wise. Optimize your map and stop using carve.

A. this map doesn’t use carve, Anywhere.

B. it’s rad that takes time, 14mins on Vrad and 3mins on Vvis

My map is probably 2-4x that size and takes a minute or minute and a half to compile…

This map is pretty small and blocky. Update your WIP soon pl0x.

I have no idea why its taking the long, skybox is minimal, a hella lot of things are func_detail, my water has lod… what couldd it be

You need to do more than just func_detail things.


I don’t know if you did this, but if you’re going to continue building more things, start all your brushes with the NODRAW texture and then separately texture the sides of a brush that WILL be seen. You may think that in a wall, there are usually 2-3 faces that are never seen. Not much, huh? Well, multiply that by the total amount of brushes you have and that’s how many extra useless textures are being rendered.

That could easily be the problem.