RP_MaritimeForest [WIP]

[tab]Map name:[/tab] RP_MaritimeForest

[tab]Description:[/tab] It’s a forest 0_0 with buildings in it!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Ep2, Hl2, Being smarter than a Monkey.

This is a WIP thread for my third map called RP_MaritimeForest

I wanted to make something like my first release map GM_Lake
One of the problems of the map was the lack of good lighting and it was very small…

I hope the people here on facepunch will like this map better

And now Pictures!


Updated 28-7-2009 Current overview:
(It’s going to be a lot bigger soon just wait)

Well that’s it I hope some people will be interrested in this map.
And if you see anything that I can improve please tell.

I don’t think you should be putting that sign out in the open like that. It looks hideous, and distracts from the actual map.

Which sign?

The one with the name of the map on it? If so I kinda agree with that, I’m going to make a underground tunnel and put it somewere there (so that it’s harder to find)

I’m not smarter than a monkey. Damn… :frowning:

Also, looks good so far, but i miss some RP elements.

It’s not finished yet, I have to add more area’s to the map.

What would you like too see in those area’s?

A police station and appartments. There is of course alot more buildings to be added if you want this to be a succesful RP map. Restaurants and diners. And please, don’t make any gundealer house. It ruins the whole thing. What you need to create a good RP map is to make lots of places where people can bump into each other and talk. This is what how RP is created. So Diners, restaurants, cafés and shops are good elements to create a RP map. Also, make some easter eggs, people will love them! :smiley:

Good luck. Looks promising too far.

Thanks for all these Idea’s!

And I wasn’t not planning on adding a gundealer building :slight_smile:

No problem. Just PM me if you need any help with RP mapping. I can also help you technical-wise. But if you need any help with the RP elements just PM me.

Will do :slight_smile: Thanks for the support.

The sign would probably look better if it was an actual pic from in the map… or at least if you made it look more gloomy and less bright, to match the map better.
Also changing the name of the sign from “RP_MaritimeForest” to merely “Maritime Forest” would make the sign look more atmospheric, while still sending out the same message.

That’s a good Idea, Also is there anyway in Photoshop (CS4) to make it look a bit paper like?

I guess normal maps would do the trick :slight_smile:

I think there should be some coast if your going with the name Maritime Forest since that was the impression i got from the map before i clicked. Also i think should do more rural building instead of more urban apartments. Like Small Inn, bed and breakfast, country store, bait shop, maybe sheriff office and a bar/cafe.

I looked up for a name and maritime forest sounded like a good one, I really dont care about it looking like the real maritime forest. But a sheriff office would be nicer than a normal PD :slight_smile:

I’m working on the next area at the moment, I will do the buildings last untill I know what I want.

Hammer pictures of the new area.


There’s still a lot to do to it…

What the fuck no automerge?

Update: 2 new ingame screenshots.

New overview:

Some random screen:

Randomise the Yaw of the trees. Currently it looks like they’re all facing the same direction.

Plus theres more than one tree model from EP2 you can use.

I will work on that, Thanks for the advise :slight_smile:

Uh, how about you make the sign that says who it’s by like those wooden signs that say “Welcome”, kinda like this picture:


Thanks for the picture! I’m going to make something like it.

Update Time

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