RP_Mars First Map.

This map is a big colony on mars you have access to sector A1-C7. This sector can handle twenty personnel. It has a metal bed a doll for children a sink a toilet and a window. Please note all units do not have windows. Automated manufacturing takes care of food, water and oxygen. Due to lack of oxygen smoking is not permitted anyone smoking can be arrested for either smoking or Cigarette paraphernalia. It is also not recommended to go outside, due to lack of oxygen and other gasses. in the event of an emergency an alarm will sound to turn of the sound type stopsound in console or stopsounds. We have a hot tanning room to keep up with your lovely yellow skin. Also please do not tinker with lights or other machinery. It can result in a poisonous gas leak. So welcome to mars and enjoy the scenery in our Vault-tec underground mars colony.

*note: There is one unfinished room it was gonna be a pool but I ran out of time because it was for a 24 hours competition so let your 12 year old admins build there.



Nik was here. As par request of Terroblast, this is your imagination.

Really good for a first map, keep it up :wink:

Thanks Ill eventually finish it add more apartments finish the pool room, Find that fucking leak.

Theres a pool room :open_mouth: i’ll download it later, currently i’m in gmod and I can’t be bothered atm

Looks like a good effort for a first, but some areas look strange, and not in the right way. Possibly the use of combine textures to map something that looks very human is throwing the balance off.

I thought mars was the RED planet?
Nevertheless, nice for a first.

Not bad, but the texturing is rather inconsistent (IE: Combine here, then 80’s wallpaper there). The road texture is also kind of silly.

This reminds me of total recall.

Good for a first map, I agree the road texture looks a bit silly, I’d recommend smoothing out your displacements a bit to be a little less jagged and spiky, maybe find a more suiting texture for the mars surface, maybe find a custom red one.

Yea the road texture was filler for textures hl2 doesn’t have.
The 80s wallpaper is only in the living units.

This is awesome for a first map, the only things I think you should work on are the displacements and the textures for that, and maybe make the apartment less blocky and try a different textures for the bed, other wise, very nice.

Thanks I also thought of mars as jagged maybe I was wrong.

But less red, mutants and Germans.

Doesn’t look to bad, little blocky, and slight lack of detail in some areas. But the lighting seems okay. I think you could make the outside more Mars like by making the dirt texture you used a bit more red. And maybe a red sun in the distance, that could look very good if done right.


Also it looks like you mangled those stairs a bit. Unless that was intentional.

No one noticed but 2 things, Compiled without vvis no Lights just the dramatic ones.

VERY nice for a first, but a bit lifeless for me.

It’s a decent map for roleplay.

Doesn’t remind me of mars much though.
Might be better if you use a redish/orange sand texture insted.

I didn’t bother downloading it, so I wouldn’t know.

Thank you good sir!

The texturing is a bit bland and it’s just a tad blocky, but other than that this is excellent for a first map, especially the lighting.

can you show were I can improve on the blocky.