finally bringing the final product here, the map took roughly an year to grow into what it currently is

3d skybox
tall skybox for flying
club with 25 songs to play
much more

have some panoramic eyecandy:




Download V2 from 1337Upload
Download V2 from Zippyshare

cs:s required to see some content

credits: to whoever’s models and textures i have used
CJae for a few music loops for the club
Fisker for club building

My god… It’s beautiful.

I can finally do a bank robbery RP now. Thank you OP.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Nice work dude, this looks awesome.

amazing finally a very good alternative to evo city

Could you upload to a different source? This one is painfully slow, and it keeps coming up corrupted.

consider it done, check OP

Great work, looks awesome

Wow this is fantastic. Great work!

What about Vorpommern?

Remake of old Mecklenburg by rickler?


holy fuck.

As someone who used to host TSRPs on this map, I have to say you did an amazing job.

But, are you going to continue development on this map or just leave it as is, because you left a few of the best parts on the map out, and a few other parts are weird.


  1. The entire sewer system is missing, which was instrumental in getting around the map undetected and also played a big part in vault robberies.
  2. The awesome apartment with the gun-room next to the car-shop no longer exists, along with the entire apartment complex it was in, it was a perfect mob base.
  3. The vents that connect the bar and the hotel is missing, though I guess thats a given seeing as you separated them.
  4. The really cool secret bookcase room in the apartment next to the PD is gone.
  5. Some apartments in the apartment buildings no longer exist.
  6. The mall had a few openable lockers you could put stuff in, now none of them open.

Odd bits:

  1. The hideout next to the hospital, the one you teleport to, has really odd dimensions, its like Ive shrunk when I walk inside of it.
  2. Why did you set the hospital hideout and the bar out of the map, to optimize the map?
  3. Why are most of the apartments/hotel rooms furnished except the ones in the back, next to the suburban house?
  4. In the gun-shop, the bullets go straight through the targets and leave no bullet holes, making them effectively useless as targets.

I just tested it and it was really cool. I like how this map actually has rooftops (so we all can act as if we were JC Denton). My only recommendation would be to add more vents that actually can function since you added nonbreakable ‘fake’ ones in so many locations.

I’m not normally known for good reviews of anything, but… This is great.

I really like this map, and it’ll have a permanent place in my maps folder. Thanks for providing it, OP.

Holy shit this is awesome, so many memories of TSRP. rip rickler, any plans on readding the sewers / tunnel under the bank with a breakable floor, or the hidden vent behind the waterfall thing in the hotel?

Found some issues you may or may not want to fix just thought I’d point them out for you ( The couches actually are frozen that was my fault however, the dumpster can be pushed even from inside the nightclub by running into one of the couches )

The sounds that comes from the dj booth doesn’t actually come from the speakers it comes from the middle of the room which isn’t all that bad but, again just pointing things out

Some of the props in the apartments / hotels duplicate them self for some reason one is not solid and does not have physics, the other acts normally

Floating remote with the prop duplication bug

You can see through this building because it is in the 3d skybox

Missing textures on the items on the shelf

I love these sexy models but the sprites / glow on those chandeliers kind of hurts my eyes (Lower them don’t remove them entirely because they do make them look sexy)

I noticed that there is an animated advert on the side of this building which is actually an alleyway and no one would really see it so maybe that should be removed and added on the green x in the next picture.

An animated banner would go great here as people walk down the street

I honestly do not know how this dumpster got over here in that position

My fps drops down 30 - 50 fps staring in that general direction, this is the alley way of the hospital (I get Too many vertex format changes in frame, whole world not rendered in console)

My fps drops again but this time facing in the direction of the hospital

This might be where the lag is coming from

In the original Mecklenburg there was a tellers booth or something here is the model missing or is it broken?

This door in particular can be found on top of the hospital it opens outward and can be blocked by a player on the outside

One last thing I noticed in that session was this shadow, where exactly does the shadow come from the other side of the wall or is that the cash register?

Missing texture underneath the sliding door for the tall building with an elevator

Visible nodraw surface underneath this desk (Located in the tall building same building as picture above)

This isn’t really an issue but I was thinking this could be a nice spot to store stuff in cupboards since there isn’t anywhere to store anything in that room

This light model has the skin of being on

This gun display looks a bit weird I’m not sure if it has to do with the lighting of the display case or what, it does seems a bit too dark and maybe the bottom of the display case should be raised up to match where the glass starts, maybe that way the ammo and boxes at the bottom of the display case will make it look more detailed. ( I don’t know what would make this better just throwing things out there maybe it might help)

Toliets in jail fall when you touch them

Oh and one last thing are the vents on top of the police station supposed to be strong enough to withstand a bunch of rpgs attacking it or was this unintentional?

Sorry for the giant wall of pictures, and sorry again for being nit picky, this is a great release and if you are willing to continue fixing / working on this then that is what my post was meant for. Hopefully this helps you somewhat!

i answered some of these and wrote my thoughts. cheers a ton for the feedback!
expect a v1 this week, probably today/tomorrow