That was a pretty quick reply! Glad you are addressing these issues I cannot wait for the next version.

I feel like staying on Google Maps Street View with those pics

Oh that list reminds me, the blinking light near the shed to the sorta-kinda hidden area murders my FPS and I’m not quite sure why, it’s not that big of a problem though.

i completely forgot this post, thanks a lot too! i’m going to add/improve these things
answer to 2. question: there wasn’t enough space inside the building where i was going to build the interior in

It is as if the Gmod Community is starting to upload good stuff again…

so far i have fixed/added:
[add] 5 openable lockers in the mall
[add] apartment complex including 2 apartments next to car shop/diner
[add] secret bookcase room
[add] sewer system
[add] radio commercial sound in gunshop
[fix] removed duplicating props
[fix] small flaws what phantompain5 posted
[fix] non-solid practice targets in gunshop
[fix] furnished empty apartments
[fix] scaled down the hideout

Excellent map, any servers running or planning to run this?

everything seems to work fine, expect a release tomorrow, i have to compile the map overnight

Seeing as how I just recently started playing TSRP again, it’s pretty exciting to be looking at this map in a more modern take. I wish you the best of luck on future releases.

Excellent map, I’m thinking about starting a server up featuring it. Keep those awesome improvements coming! I noticed there are a few HL2 episode 2 textures/models required in the map, any chance of getting them replaced? Most of my friends only have CSS.

sure, could you take pictures of said textures/models?

Better yet, I have identified the problematic files and made a list of them below.
Missing content issues

Files from HL2EP2 (episode two content.gcf, episode two materials.gcf) - case insensitive.

models/mall/mall_disk_01_e has no texture as far as I can tell
wood/woodbeam002B is missing from the bsp?

That’s as many things I can find that have issues. I have extracted the missing files myself (adding to garrysmod content manually for now), but doubt I’m allowed to share them.

Just wanted to help make this map as awesome as possible, get rid of those darn red errors and purple textures.

don’t worry, going to handle these right now.
and i didn’t make it clear for everyone yet, i forgot to compile the map 2 times in a row, i WILL leave it compiling overnight tonight :slight_smile:

Awesome, going to be good to start a server soon :smiley:
Just need to decide on PERP or DarkRP… :confused:

Sorry, found some more problematic files…

fixed :slight_smile:

i present you v1


This looks stunning.

So is the link updated as well?

yeah i added V1 to the links to tell you it’s the newest version