This map is amazing, so many different areas to explore, a rave party area that lets you play many different songs. Great to see something good and different from RP maps for once.

Because they start asleep


I usually don’t download Gmod maps but this one looks so awesome I HAVE to.

About the apartments that were furnished in V1, the front doors have this weird problem where when one door is open, another door has to be open to close one door. Both doors can’t be closed at the same time.

Music in the club doesn’t work :confused:

An AI navmap would be really cool as hell

i noticed this, i tried to fix but there was a huge gap between the 2 doors afterwards, i have something in my mind though

there’s 2 invisible buttons on the DJ machine, one on far left and one on far right, i will most likely make a V2 since there’s still a few bugs to be sorted out, and i will make visible buttons for the DJ machine

Thanks, the music works now. But I encountered another problem that might just have to do with my PC.

I made a save with almost every building having at least 5 NPCs inside and like 10 or so outside. Whenever I exit and try to load the save, I’ll spawn, get one frame, it freezes and then gmod crashes.

I’m going to try lowering my graphics settings. I just thought I’d post this.

EDIT: Lowering my graphics all the way didn’t help. Unfortunately, I can’t find any minidump files for each crash that occurs.

Hi, is there any possible way of placing a wiremod keypad/normal keypad to activate the bank vault door? I’m sure making a custom entity would be possible to manually activate the vault, however, I’m not sure how I would remove the existing vault button. Hoping to set this for a bank RP.

no clue, but if you can trigger entities in the map using wire then “vd” is the vault door’s entity name

working on V2, this time i will try to nail bugs harder:
[add] secret room
[add] security lights and bars for wawa, toggleable by a button in manager’s room
[add] windows for upper apartment in hilltop apartment complex
[fix] prop fixes such as weird scrapyard dumpster
[fix] problematic apartment building entrance doors
[fix] louder gunshop radio commercial

I have CSS but not CS:GO, is it required for the map or will I just be missing a bunch of textures? :confused:

It’s right in the OP, so you just need css.

Just a piece of my thoughts. This is great for :
3.Downloading TDM Cars, and watch an eyecandy city in an eyecandy car.

V2 released, additions/fixes
[add] secret porn room
[add] security bars and lights to wawa, toggleable by a button in manager’s office
[add] windows for upper hilltop apartment complex apartment
[fix] replaced 9th song in club with another
[fix] prop fixes such as weird scrapyard dumpster
[fix] problematic apartment building entrance doors
[fix] louder gunshop radio commercial
[fix] hilltop house’s garage door
[fix] sign on wawa’s window now visible, brush face was nonexistant

I am amazed at how well hidden the secret room entrance is, because I have looked all over the damn city for it.

Edit: No seriously, where is it.

HNG i remember playing this in the specialists zombie gamemode

I never played the old one but it’s really sexy non the less. I just feel the sewers are kind of basic compared to the rest of the map.

If I were to host a roleplaying server this would be the one or at least one of the maps of choice and I hope to be playing on it somewhere soon.

I think my post might be a bit hard to read, Sorry, It’s 6 AM.

Thank you so much for this map! It brings tears to my eyes by playing this map! Because it’s such a good memory from a nearly dead mod! :c But thank you so much! <3

I was searching for the entrance of this room for like, a day, and nothing. Say to us :@

For how much players is this map?