map released http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1202199

From what you have, I like… Alot.

One thing that bug’s me are those large and heavily rusted lights on front of the MD!

I couldn’t find any other light props that would bend like that. I guess I’ll change when I find a fitting prop.

In the last picture those lights are way too bright imo. Everything else looks good so far.

Try and make one yourself, Or maybe I can ask a friend to make one for you… If you like?

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Yeah, Tone them down a little. :3:

Judging by that hospital, I can see that the architecture will look somewhat different to most rp town maps, so that’s good. Nice to see the custom signage too.

Hope you have more luck than I did. Vipers7 is my old account which I don’t remember the password to, and don’t ask for the vmf or textures either, because the computer is toast.

I like this. Just the MD is too bright. Can you tone down the light? I rhyme all the time! :buddy:

Was there a special program to make the layout? It looks sexy.

|bottom left corner| That road definitely needs work, slopes like those look horrible and make driving a living hell.

The layout was made by first creating the road in hammer, then compiling it and taking a screenshot from above. After that it was edited with paint.NET. All you have to do is make a layer on top of the picture of the roads, make the boxes in whatever colors you like, type names in, and then using the glow function on it all.

Very nice layout. A lot of RP maps suffer from bad layouts, this one doesn’t appear to.

Layout is pretty good.

The map is cool, too. Too bad that most RP servers probably won’t play a map like this and stick to downtown_v2.

The fluorescent lights on “MD Inside” are ugly. Don’t use that texture on a block poking out of the ceiling, import the cs_office fluorescent light model and use that with a refracting diffuser over it, it will look much better.

I’m happy to see this was brought back, I remember the old thread.

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I remember playing this map with my friends a few years back. Nostalgic.

Nice progress, you should post updates as posts so we’ll know when there is something new :slight_smile:

Woah, this looks pretty awesome so far! The buildings are pretty nice, although the Diner’s roof looks a little strange.

Sir, I love you. This is like getting shot in the face with nostalgia. Played this map waaaaay back on The Yaypit, and was my favorite map on TS.