Hello gentlemen,

Recently, I’ve decided to convert my older map for HL1(The Specialists) to Source. The map I wanted to do is MecklenburgV,(doing the Cerberus would have been cool too…) Mecklenburg was originally made by the Rickl3r back around 2003-2004. It went through 5 or 6 versions before he stopped working on it. A few years later, he decided to release the source for the map. From there, I picked it up and made the MecklenburgV series. Originally, it started off with just bug fixes. Soon I was adding and removing properties over the span of many versions in 4 years. Around a few months ago, I decided to call the map final after a long hiatus of mapping. All I did with just do some minor bugfixing and recompile the map with some new tools.

MecklenburgV_Final - Corner of Scott & Postawa during the night cycle

Now, I use the word convert pretty loosely. I’ll be making the map ground up, brush by brush. I won’t be following the original designs too much, because they just don’t work in source. I will be keeping the original map’s layout to my best ability while adding new features. Some features will be impossible for me to implement such as the night/day cycle. I simply do not have enough knowledge of the source engine to pull off the same stunt I did in HL1. I will also call it quits and release what I have as open source if I lose enough inspiration or if I get too busy with my university work.


So, with the explanation out of the way. Currently, all I have done is mostly sketches of some of the layout and props I need to make. I’m also working on constructing the Police station.

The Police Station

The police station of Mecklenburg was one of the most important buildings of the map. Here, I’ve redone most of the interior, but I tried to keep the original layout as much as I possibly could. I also made a few new textures to cope with source. The police station is technically larger than before, however, most of the interior space is spent on models and decor. The final police station will have the following features:

Lobby Area including benches, payphones, and lines.
Jail area with 3 cells. 2 of these cells can contain 4 people each.
Interrogation room with one way mirror.
Chief’s office.
access to rooftop and side alleyway.

Some of you TSRP guys may notice that the back offices and the forensics room is missing from this list. Right now, they are not part of the design of the PD. They may be added in later if I can muster enough space while wrestling with the limits of the source engine. For now, they will remain absent. You can check out the other screenshots for this on my website, http://fjmaps.com/main

This map won’t be released for some time going at my current speed, so I might be looking for people to help me on this. I’d be looking for modelers, mappers, and texture artists. If you think you want to/can contribute, drop me a PM. This stuff is also still a WIP. If you have suggestions, please make them.

Wow, you’re making more progress than that other Mecklenburg thread.

Little update on the exterior of the PD, I think I’ll stop detailing the PD and move onto working on the apartment buildings. Right now, I just want to work on each building enough to offer an alpha. From there, I’ll check how much resources I have and detail the interiors/exteriors more. I have a ton of placeholders in the PD right now, like the large orange boxes inside of the interrogation room. I also need to find and make some better brick textures. Anyways, I’ll be working on the apartments tomorrow. That’s not going to be fun.

Don’t rush to get out an alpha though, that’s how I always end up messing up on brushwork or something, by constantly moving on to other things.

I get whatcha mean. Sloppy brushwork causes a ton of problems.

Anyways, moving on to the apartments, I’ve decided to name them the Woodside apartments. Right now, most of the exterior is done. I’ll work on making a the interior tomorrow. I don’t think there will be as many apartments in it, but we’ll see. I’d like to fill out 3 apartments per level. I already have some design ideas for the interior, but I don’t have anything drawn out quite yet. Here’s the hammer shots.

The front door

I don’t think I’ll actually add in the garage, since I plan on having a small parking lot next to the complex.

And the backside of the complex

The large grey dev texture on the backside will be a banner for some of the cities locations. I’ll probably end up making a model for it some other time.

Little update on the lobby of apartment complex. I’ll probably end up making 3 apartments and then move onto the Hospital. I’ll also fill up the terrain from the apartments to the MD as well.

I’m mostly pretty happy with how the lobby turned out. It was still deciding if I wanted to make a lobby at all because the original version didn’t really have one. The room designs will probably be a bit different from the original version as well. I’ve also decided to add in an elevator, I’m not too sure if I want to actually make it there though. It kinda depends on the amount of brushes I have at the end of the map.

Also, I’ll be adding in more framed pictures like the one in the lobby. The one in the lobby is something I painted a few years ago, I was kinda surprised I still had it. I don’t have too many original paintings, but if anybody wants to contribute, I’ll be glad to hang them in the map.

So far, a majority of the PD is done. The apartment complex’s stairwell is also mostly done. I’ve also placed the rooms and hollowed out the floors. I still want to add a few more things in the lobby, but I think I’ll save that for when I go around and detail the map in my second pass.

That looks amazing.

Looking good, I miss TSRP. :v:

oh my god that brings back so much nostalgia

tsrp was fun before the children got onto it with anime cat models and drug mods

RIP tsrp 2003-06

Mecklenburg was a sexy map, glad it’s being ported to source. Might use it for my Jericho RP… with permission, of course.