----------STORY OF RP_MED_ALPHA_1----------

Once upon a time there was a young lad with a small amount of skill coding LUA. All his friends were amazed by his mastery of this incredibly advanced scripting language, and encouraged him to build a mod. Of course, being the hip kids they were they decided to make it about MEDIEVAL TIMES. They set to work finding people to do the work for them, one of them being my friend. He passed the job onto me with pay, so I made this map.

Shockingly, the mod fell through! Who would of guessed putting a middle school aged lad in charge of a team and project could turn ugly! I sure didn’t see that one coming. All that is left of the mod is this map.


The map can be used for both role playing and building. The map was made by Corey Androski. Custom textures were a joint effort between Corey and Nick Griffen. He also did a lot of rough designs as well. He’s a babe.

Here’s a smacked together trailer:

Read the readme. Seriously.

There may or may not be continued support of this map, I am busy with another mod right now but I might update if there is a large response to this map.



Looking from the trailer… It looks AWESOME!


Looks very nice, although some textures are awfully repeating and some areas seem to be empty.

But it’s on alpha stage so I assume you’re going to detail it later.

This is what people should learn from.
Great job, I can’t wait for the final release!
Also, add pictures, please.

The lack of detail with the interiors is because I was being pressed for time while the mod was still “intact”. If I update that will be top priority.

pictures are being added to the first post asap.

looks nice, ill give it a 8.5/10

3D skybox at the fort doesnt look that good but its awesome if u ignore some flaws :smiley:

Oh my god. Hold on let me pick up the pieces of my head that exploded when I clicked on this page.

Awesome map. Shame the mod fell through.

This is perfect for my next pose.

The castle is a bit blocky looking, but otherwise it’s a pretty damn fine map.

you might want to add gmod_allowpysgun 0 on some of the things, i ran around pulling everythign out of place.

8.5 out of 10 good job

just from the pictures, 9/10

for some odd reason is very bright to me

castle looks a bit blocky but other than that its nice!

great map

This looks way too good for an alpha.

Great work dude, this looks awesome

Epic map, using it with my gamemode now, I really hope you add to it.