This here is a map I am currently working on using “Black Mesa” content, feel free to post comment and constructive criticism.
The checkpoint upon entering the facility.

The entrance to the facility, I know the displacements look aweful but it’s a very early attempt at them.

More to come soon!

It’s looking okay, but are you using goldsrc or source? I can’t tell. It looks too good for goldsrc, but I’m suspicious it isn’t source at the same time. :frowning:

Yes, it is source.

No offense but your rock texture looks like creased brown paper.
Your geometry does not strike me as amazing and nor does lighting (1st screenshot and the door shadow)

Aren’t those rock textures from HL1?

No the textures are from Black Mesa the mod.

Not to be mean or anything; just asking:
Are you new to mapping?

I am saying this in the nicest way possible, but your maps aren’t the best looking.

What I would do is study up a bit more on how Displacements work and along with that: Sewing.
I can see that the displacement in the top left is sticking out.
Sewing should fix that.

The outside lighting needs quite a bit tweaking too, though I am sure it’s just your Graphics settings.
The inside lighting however is too bright.
I recommend changing the HDR to 0.6-0.75, or whatever feels best.

One last thing is those pillars.
I can count every single vertex on those rounded pillars near the entrance.
I would increase your Vertex count a bit if you want a better effect, or even make the round part smaller.

Overall, for a beginner, it’s not that bad at all.
Better than what I was capable of starting out.

Hey Minijar, I’m that Permabanned Dickhead from ALG. I’m happy you’ve improved from what i told you last time, but I’m going to still say it. It would be nice if you added some more detail. You know, more props. Just spice it up a bit.

You could add curbs between sand and asphalt.

Add props to your scene, make the lighting more interesting by making it a little brighter maybe? Add displacements instead of using brushes to make the rocks. Also disable shadows on those 2 doors because they cause ugly shadows. …

Oh and all the people who rated ‘dumb’ on the post of OP are rude. It’s obvious he’s quite new to mapping due to the low amount of detail & precision he has put into his work so far; no need to give dumbs for that.

The size of the parking lot kind of bothers me. :v: