Rp_Metro WIP

Here’s a map I’ve been working on for some time now.

So i figured i’d share some of it with you all.

Sort of based on Metro 2033… (If you didn’t catch on from the title.)
its decently detailed from the looks of it and has a nice dim environment to supplement the apocalyptic feeling i wish to enforce in this map.
This map will be well equipped for role-play, plenty of room for housing, scavenging, war… you name it.
And a feature i think ALL the rp maps should have. AI NODES!

So without further rambling, i will now show forth the screenshots.

First picture, One of the abandoned stations.


Various subway shot.


Inside a tram.


Dark station.


Anomalous activity perhaps?.. “its deadly…”


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Note: This is NOT all of the map… Trust me… theres waaaay more.

Maybe it’s just me, but I see too many dark atmosphere maps. Add some Color Correction to spice things up a bit.

Fair enough, but still its not ALL dark, theres well-lit areas around the map. i know from experience too much dark is extremely annoying.

We will meet Uncle Bourbon in the map?

Looking damn fine so far, the last screen shots electric box is a bit awkward looking though, and I would agree experiment with color correction, it can give a nice feel to your map whether you want it to be alive and vibrant, or cold and dead.

I personally think you need to add more lights, possibly something like those little green radioactive mushrooms in Metro 2033 could work?

Alternatively you could use something like the spore buds:

Shit son are those phoenix scale tracks?

Whats the big deal with phx gauge?
It’s not a problem if new bogeys and wheels are supplied with the map.

The rails aren’t really intended for tram use (lol) but i guess it COULD be possible in a few areas, though it more then likely will be cut short, most tunnels are collapsed. Separating the various large locations on the map.

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Yeah, i woulda already been allover that, but i have no fuckin’ clue how to import custom models, let alone get a hold of some glowing mushroom models. lol Great idea though.

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Looking back at it now, those first screenshots didn’t really show off how much of the map there really is, soo…

Cool shit man, I love Metro 2033. I even done some shit for it myself.
Want me to dump some screens?

If you’re intrested to use Metro 2033 models, textures and sounds in your map, then add me. I’ve been porting alot of things to my upcoming Metro 2033 Roleplay server.

(More information about the upcoming server if anyone is interested: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Avox-Gaming)

I have heard about your server, and i was planning on visiting it as soon as its up.

I was just invited to that group by a person that I don’t even know, and I haven’t heard of your community either…

So far so good!

Heh, totally forgot about this map… bad news to anyone that was waiting a long time, i lost all files to this map in the shitting out of my computer, but if anyone is interested, i have been working on a very large scale metro 2033 map, that blew this one out of the water. also if anyone wanted to play this map you can probally find it on google, on taco and banana or something, its called like “mrp_ag_dark_tunnels_b3” i think. have fun with that… maybe expect news on my new map.

Awesome, can’t wait. :smile:


I found the download for the map on filesmelt, looks fucking great.


Can you post some pictures of that verison BillyMays? I wanna see if its the one I help developing.
If it has a reich station I made it.


The only two problems i’ve seen with it are two places with missing textures, otherwise it’s pretty great.