This is my third RP map. I’m calling it mini city because I want it to be geographically smaller than my other two rp maps with at most 2 or 3 peripheral areas which are not far from the city itself. The city will be the main focus of this map and I want stuff to feel close together and connected, like you don’t have to walk super far to get somewhere, but I’m making the roads wide enough for cars to drive easily. The map is for CS:GO because I want to port my CS:S RP mod over to CS:GO but I don’t have an RP map for that game yet.

Screens in OP will be updated from time to time, but since I’m writing OP right now I’ll explain the following screens.

The apartment building has 16 units on 4 floors then a lobby underneath. The parking garage beneath the apartment building will connect to the mall I’m building on the left. I want this block to be the central focus of the map with most action happening near here. The police building will be like nextdoor.

Overlays for the road stripes. It is a pain to align them properly.

The beginnings of the mall. It won’t be very large but I want it to feel spacious so I put those huge windows. It’s hard to tell but there is a door to the inside from that small parking lot below the bridge. The mall will also have an open area inside where you can see from the main floor to the lower floor. I want this map to have better 3D engagement than my previous RP maps. The first RP map I did was almost entirely flat, the second one wasn’t as bad, but you still didn’t do much movement up to down, though a sewer system helped that one have alternate paths to different places. It is hard to work in 3D though because although it makes the game more fun and cooler, things IRL are usually not vertically engaging. Adding the tiny bridge here seems kinda pointless but it is just to help put this map in the habit of having multiple levels.

Right now the mall looks like ass, it is all blocky and not very realistic. I’m not sure what to do about that. Part of the problem is that half of it is set high up the hill while the other half will be sort-of underground. Maybe I can add an outward-facing storefront on the bottom floor there to break up that fat ugly wall.

This is the bridge. Totally simple. I will change the skybox by the way.

A little garden I added behind the apartments.

That’s all I have for now. When this thread gets longer I’ll change the OP.

This is new Suncity/Jorpakko, good job!

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Lighting could need more work, though.

I guess i’m only curious as to why you’re making an rp map for csgo

A more serious game of Cops and Robbers?

How would I know. I haven’t played CS:GO that much. Only once on a free weekend, and that was just to check out the new cs_office.

That road needs more work; too blocky (2nd screenshot).

The main problem right now is that the shopping mall is too blocky (which you addressed in the OP) and the lighting needs tweaking. Other than that it’s looking pretty damn nice.

Still making awesome maps i see, nice work

No offense, but your parking lot looks kinda ugly compared to the building.

IMO it needs more variance in the wall, and instead of the foundation being grass, I would make little patches. in concrete.

Bushes should be greener (and maybe bit darker).