"rp_ncc1701" - A new Star Trek map.

I present to you a possible WIP.

Recently I have been working on a new Star Trek the original series map for Garry’s Mod. (Old one can be found here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=440255)

I started the project after realising something when looking at its predecessor (gm_startrekTOS_v6). To put it simply, it sucked. I know I made it and that there are many people out there who enjoy playing on the map. But I just think it faulted in many ways, for instance; it lagged you to death and it often crashed, it was poorly made and not accurate at all to the actual thing in any way. I was going to finish what I started and release v7 but it was just a complete mess to look at in hammer, so I started again from scratch. Here is what I have come up with so far:












(Temporary skybox as it is not mine)

The real bridge

Now do you think that this is worth finishing? I mean is there room for another one of these Star Trek maps in Garry’s Mod? Opinions would be appreciated.

P.S. If I have sufficient reason to continue with the project and actually release it, please don’t steal and pass it as your own! I had this problem with the older map where it got deleted from gmod.org and someone re-uploaded it claiming all credit on YouTube.
Suggestions on how to protect the map would be kind.

Thank You.

looks like a rugrats game.

Why, Does it look like a Rugrats game. Its damn Garrys Mod!

Anyway I think its nice. Can you make the Enterprise mesh better. My god! V6’s TOS Connie sucked.

And yes, I’m a Trek Fan.

PS: Where did you get the TOS Uniforms?

The hull textures are temporary so I will use better (my own) ones later.
The uniform skins I made myself and might release them on garrysmod.org.

I think it looks cool If your are wondering try putting your name in the map somewhere it wont annoy the person playing.

new name
less colours and more blue tint.

Make transporters.

Finish it, even thought I am not a fan for Star Trek I love spaceship maps and would love to explore it. Are there going be a lot of interactive elements on this map? That is one of the best elements of spaceship maps.

Can you make it less pastel, as in, less bright primary colors. Also, did you make all of the furniture out of brushes, they’re boxy as all hell.

In general I like your idea, you just need to use better models.

Please make higher resolution textures.

The chairs are models but I didn’t make them. A guy called “danidomen” made them for me years ago and come to think of it, they do look a bit dated. If I knew how to make models then I would make a better one.

Does this map require any additional material, like wire or ST shuttle pack?


Unless it is a spacebuild map. Altough it is in space, I highly doubt it.

I think you definately should go ahead with this map - me and my friend have had soooo much fun on your TOS map except for it closing GMod when entering the Shuttle Bay hehe - please make a new one and as interactive as your TOS map :smiley: THANKS!

The textures on the screens and signs are okay, but the rest of the materials need much better quality. It looks like a 3D msPaint. Fix that up and it will be awesome, shouldn’t be a lot of trouble.

please please make one i have my start trek rp map and i really need a good map for rp and i could use this so please please get in contract or something my website is

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