Mmm, rather eerie, it seems.

Are there any certain requirements? (CS:S, EP2, EP1 ect.)
As well as that, more information would be useful.


Just by looking at the screenies I can tell this map is cool.
Gonna download it just to check :smiley: Gonna post again when I have finished testing it :9

Holy Crap those Satalites in screen 2 look fucking epic! Download right now.

Do you have a Gmod.org link?

This is perfect for horror poses/movies. Thank you! Rated an wrench. :3:

The lighting outside is pretty crappy, but the inside is decent.

Where did those generator models come from? I feel the urge to use them in desolation.

I believe Left4Dead

The screen shots… downloading naow :smiley:

Ok…time for the list.

  1. The fallout props aren’t shaded right for Source Engine. As a result they looks very odd. You could probably get away with the bobbleheads, but anything larger than that should be removed.
  2. There is a broken areaportal on the first floor, last door down the corridor.
  3. What sort of emergency requires two sinks and six operating tables in one room, but no equipment.
  4. There are sacks of flour and rice in the meat store
  5. The soup store contains items that are carefully laid out, yet has a pile of suitcases in the corner.
  6. There is a bench with a missing texture in the generator room, up the staircase.
  7. In the kitchen there is a stack of rusting ovens next to newish looking fridges. In the next room there is a set of pristine sink units.
  8. The front door takes forever to be available to open again after it has been opened leaving someone with little to do but run in circles outside.
  9. In the generator room there is no sound. Which is odd when the generators are running.
  10. What is the point of all those small empty rooms
  11. There is a door which doesn’t open. Should either open to a room, or be removed (surgery area)


  1. The Jukebox is the only one that looks sort of alright…even though it doesn’t fit with the theme one bit.
  2. Even so…should have equipment in the room. Maybe some scalpels, saws etc. Even some cupboards that have been looted would be better than nothing.
  3. Generally rice and flour isn’t kept in freezers. Also there is a ton outside, so it looks out of place. Either put it all in the freezer or not.
  4. Fine…messy suitcases, but the contents of the stores should be uneven, not as placed as they currently are. Also, that room is past decontamination, so maybe they should either be packed away, or in the main storage yard.


does this map have ai nodes?


Awesome map

Brilliant map. Those Satalites look stunning. Although the outside is realy immersive, do you think you could add somemore things, I was playing with a couple of friends and they barracaded the front door so maybe some sort of other ways in?

Looks good, nice work.