A larger variety of photos would supply us with a better view of the map. Right now I can see a wall, and two photos from above which really don’t give me an idea of the detail going into this.

If you click on one of the images then there’s a small panel on the left that’s lets you see more pictures.

Yes but people are generally lazy asses who would rather have the images rubbed up in their faces so they can observe them with as little effort as possible.


I love these maps! They’re great!

Noticed quite a few mistakes in this map, small ones though, rest of the map is pretty nice.

These are a few I found, some of them I’m sure you know of, and others might be by design, if so ignore them.

Back of wall missing from the area with the white truck.

Floating brick wall in the void.

Missing textures on the pillars in the subway, this one might just be me though.

Trains textures are messing up, probably me though.

Messed up area on the first ramp going to the 2nd floor of the parking garage.

Empty space behind the broken elevator.

Both of the middle apartment bathrooms don’t have lights, and the lanterns are inside of the walls.

Another view of the bathrooms (note the lanterns are in the walls).
SIDENOTE: In this screen-shot you can also see the other apartments bathroom on the first floor is missing a light, the bathroom on the left to be exact.

The screwed up bush you are aware of.

Does it have AI nodes?


But why did the beta/buggy version of this map get put on garrysmod.com?

DL and try the map then

To be perfectly honest I wasn’t expecting the alpha of Version 3 to be put on Gmod.com, I’m currently fixing the bugs and adding more details.

Thanks to Axznma for the log you put up aside from the apartment ones I’ve fixed all that other stuff.

There should be a perfect clean ver released later today, sorry for all the crap in it :x

I can’t seem to find the IP for this server even on the forums… or am I missing something? 'Cause I’d like to try this out.

No problem. Though I was wondering, why are lanterns used as a source of light alot of places? Is it because the power in those buildings is supposed to be out?

THis fixed version will totaly fucking kick the alphas ass. it’s gonna be on another level, you’ll see.


This is what the real final alpha will look like


Looks good. Can’t wait to see the release.

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The main website does not give me a download link to the skins so I see errors for zombies on the actual server!

Located in the server info area ;3



Never mind got it working!