rp_necroburg_b1 (WIP)

Last Updated: 1/31/10 @ 11:31

This is not for the Necropolis RP Community**

Hey guys, I’ve been seen quite a few abandon, apocalyptic, and nuclear maps. Some of them just didn’t cut it for me. Like rp_silenthill, there was not many stores you could go inside. gm_atomic, it was to open. I want to get a map to make the player have a sense of insecurity. You know that feeling where you always have somebody watching you and you don’t feel safe.

Subway: (Spawn)


Abandoned Apartment:

Sexy take some paint!

Breen poster is reaaaally out of place.

This could turn out really good

For some reason I dont like the orange tone on the undergrounds but the map itself looks pretty nice.

Another thing I’d like to point out is the name should be changed. Necroburg just seems… For me it’s not catch at all, I know you attempted to do a play-on-words type of thing, but it just doesn’t work. There’s too many syllables. That’s just my opinion.

The train station bit looks like the spawn area from the riseing mod.

Inspired by it maybe?

Dude, the map name is irrelevant. Look at the map.


4 things:

It looks fantastic.
Would like to see some custom content.
The overlay on the tiles in pic 4 by the lockers shouldn’t there.
The lighting needs a bit of work - it’s pitch black in places and really bright in others.

I don’t have much to say other than that I find the area’s in the screenshots a bit blocky, especially the subway station.

I know, I know, this is still a wip, but you have posted these screens to show us and so I reply.

This is true.

On another note:

-I removed the breen poster
-Do you not like the orange lighting outside?
-The subway is meant to look all beat down. But I guess I can add more lights
-I’m rounding some the the subway edges to make it look less blocky

A name is part of the map. If you have a bad name, people won’t download it as much as a map with a good name. It’s for his benefit. That’s like developers naming their game “Cool Action”, and when people say it’s not a good name, then they refuse to change it because the game is the important part. I’m just saying.

Yea I’m not going to lie, the name does suck. It’s only temporary until I find a new name.

I don’t know about OP, but if people are going to be so stupid, they judge a map by it’s name, I wouldn’t care whether they downloaded it or not.

I understand what you’re saying, but it’s just a name, and if people can’t realise that, they shouldn’t download it.


Anyway, let’s not start a flame war.

A name leaves a first impression. Anyways, back to the map.

The orange tone outside looks nice, it gives it a nice dawn feeling, but on the insides it looks odd, maybe white lights would look more sub-way-ish.

The Blue light in the thubway lookth thuper thexy.

I put another light up in the subway and made the lights more whiter. Tell me if this is better

Looks better IMO.

This may be my own opinion, but for me the blue and the yellow don’t contrast too well…

I prefered the first version. But I just like colourful things…

OOH! Shiny…