Rp_NewExton An Australian themed Role-Play map


The city of NewExton

Annoyed with the lack of right-hand drive maps, I’ve decided to create my own Australian role-play map.

• 14 Stores
• 13 Apartments
• 4 Warehouses
• 10 Homes
• 2 Mansions
• 2 Jail Cells (+ 1 Holding Cell)
• 5 Skyscrapers with roof access
• 2 Shopping Malls
• 1 Hobo Shack
• A large police station with garage compound and offices.
• Large forgiving roads designed for garry’s mod.
• Plenty of hideouts and buildings for hostage situations
• Mayor’s Office with boardroom and roof access
• Lots of Australian bootleg shops for roleplay npcs.
• Multiple entrees to buildings & zones for gunplay balancing.
• Elevators which never break (and they are quick too)
• Atmos compatible
• Supports helicopters (cityzone only)
• Smart traffic lights (that activate only when cars are nearby)
• Crafted for SantosRP / PERP gamemodes
• Optimised for terrible pcs. (high fps)
• Designed to handle 64+ Players
• 1.2km express highway loop (Plenty of driving action)
• 1/4 Mile drag strip with working drag tree lights
• Optimised building interiors (never tank fps while inside a building)
• Every building is enter-able.
• And much more!?!?

Work Shop Addon

Keen to get some feedback, quite proud of the work I’ve done over two months.


Looks great! Always good to see new RP maps, especially ones set in Aussie.

Interesting, any reason why the roads in the city are so ginormously wide and doubled up? Or are the cars just tiny?

I assume it’s to emulate that big city look, but is it really needed for RP gamemodes where it already seems like it takes 10 minutes to cross a street because of lower walking speeds?

The environment lighting could probably be worked on, in some areas it looks like fullbright, as if you just put the pitch of the light_environment to -90 straight down

Most of the roads are made for cars to be parked on the shoulder,
lanes are generously wide so players can actually drive on them with latency &
lastly the map was made for day and night cycles so everything kinda needs to look flat to be consistent with night time.

If you want to run a decent roleplay map, this is it. You’ll get better FPS on this map than any evocity edit. If you enjoy rockford or have been waiting for evocity 3, this is the one map you should run.

What other map has elevators which don’t break or a drag strip that actually works, with decent helicopter support? This is the best map on the workshop for 64+ player roleplay.

This map is extremely optimised and vigorously tested. No substitutes.

Vawriss, you are a god.

Fair enough then, maybe you could put out markings on the lanes, where the parking spots should be then - looked a bit strange to have super wide roads with no markings, but that’s just me



Is what I judged what I said by :v: Lookin good in those places though


Quite normal for Australia man.

I would love to see an american version. I think this map would have a lot more use if it did. I tried adding you on steam and seeing if you dont want to do that for free how much I could give you to do that for me. But an american version with the roads edited and signs etc. Would be incredible. I know you said in your post “annoyed by the right hand driving maps” I do think it would be good to make it optional since this especially with how dumb america is not knowing anything about the metric system (km, cm, etc.) I think that would be another good reason to make a second version plus again you would see a lot more use in the map I would think. If you wouldnt have time or even want to do this edit I would love to get the vmf and have my friend do it, then you wouldnt have to waste your time doing so. If you would that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

This map looks incredible! I love what you’ve done to separate parts of it. Are there any planned features? Do you plan on releasing the VMF in the future?