Hello people of the facepunch community, i’m back (again) bringing to you yet another New York map, accept this map is a bit different, when i first started mapping i was told to build things that are in real life, after months of recreating my house and others on my street i started with my first map, i then when back to the first version and started RP_MurrayHill, how ever i gave up as the errors were to stressful and time consuming to fix. After a while i realized, the best maps i made were based on real life areas, so now, im recreating the Murray Hill District again but this time using google street view, this is a very early version, sorry for the lighting being weird, and to all those people who said about door frames last time, yes i have been making them this time round :).

Here are the first screenshots, im gonna make the roads a tad smaller and realign textures tomorrow (with the task of fixing my bad grammar as it is very earlier in the morning)

Here the screenshots with compared with the street view images.


Sorry about the hud :frowning:


I’ll add more detail as i go, the street lights are there for when i do a night version, ill probably add more bushes and fix the textures tomorrow, this is just a taster or “Vertical Slice” as Ubisoft would say.
Thanks and criticism is appreciated as all ways.

I’ll provide more screenshots soon, with out the hud and with HDR Lighting and stuffs :slight_smile:

It looks pretty good so far.

Although i’m concerned how you’re going to fit all the necessary elements for a RP map into it.
Or does Murray Hill happen to have all the stuff you need for it to work?

I will be moving rp elements into areas I can simply not recreate, and not all buildings will be used how they’re in real life. One example of changing things is the second photo, that’s a theater in real life and has been converted into shops and apartments :wink:

This looks good. I hope you stick with it and know what you’re doing.

Well, all I have oa free time now, and more experience than I did with my last map so yea :slight_smile:


Lets hope you can optimize this well :stuck_out_tongue:

I would change the table/chairs outside the Burger King since they look pretty too formal but that aside, it’s looking quite good. I especially like the 5th picture and how closely it looks to resemble the FIB Building from GTA 5. At least to me it does. But hell, it’s a start.

Also please for the love of god add a light_env.

I would add awnings to the outside of the Burger King, above each window .

  1. The table and chairs have been set to picnic tables
  2. This is a fast compile :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice
and yes, it is the FIB building

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We’ll consider this, thanks

How well does this play right now? I have a feeling source isn’t going to like this at all.
are those doors made out of brushes?

This map idea is brilliant, may I ask you to keep spacing the streets and buildings as wide as they are right now? We need more city maps with more street space. Also, I know this is way ahead of the schedule, but when it is done, render it in HDR so SFM users could possibly use it.

Those wooden doors are actually from natayla’s models. Also the map runs more than perfectly, we’re also going to create custom props if we do hit the brush limit :wink:

The only area my frame rate dips is when looking at this one building, but this is becuase for some reason its rendering all of the contents in side the building dispite the walls, so I’ll fix it up with some optimisation. Right now the map is running better than my last map.

Also remember not all buildings are ebtrable, and are just for show, right now my biggest concern is making a good skybox. But yea thanks for the feedback!

Sadly, as much as we would all like a High Rise city map, its not capable in source, how ever I assure you, this map will live up to standards of a city :slight_smile:

I’m diggin’ the brushwork, however I’m skeptical of whether you’ll really be able to fit everything you want into this map without hitting the brush limit.

All I can say is, we will try not to. So beit, fine details will just be made into props.

More Updates:
-Shopping Alley
-Basketball court


Shopping Alley

Basketball court


What’s really annoying me is how there’s no space for people to parallel park like in other big cities. But I reckon that’s almost every source map. Keep up the good work!

All of the screenshots look very awesome, only thing I am wondering about is how many buildings will actually be usable. With Sources limitations, not many buildings. :pudge: Anywho, keep up the good work!:goodjob: