RP_NightmareFuel(WC Mappack map port) Public Beta Test!

Moved to a proper release thread. Thanks to all who took part in the beta test.

Very nice. If only I could be fucked to unzip the WC mappack…

I’m making major strides.

major strides

sounds quite major.

I’d like some suggestions for scariness. I planned on corpses but they don’t seem scary, And soundscapes alone won’t cut it.

If you’re good enough at mapping, possibly a dead corpse hanging from a lamppost that flickers for a microsecond.



Sneak preview at a possible addition


Texture on the picture reminds me about skyboxes(low quality textures). but as a whole it looks good.

Make darker lighting, make it to fit the skybox.

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Looks like day now.

The skybox is poop and ass and placeholder.

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Until i find a nicer non-poop one that is.

One of the best things to do horror-wise is paranoia. Make the environment really creepy and ambient, and make the player think something really scary is going to happen and put them on edge. Not sure how you can do that in an RP map thats large, but it could be done.

It’s not large, It’s not even really an RP map i just like that prefix. It gets me off. I jerk off to vertices and skyboxes all the time.

As a lover of what I’ve seen in the WC Mappack (And just HL2 Leak stuff in general), I like what I’m seeing. My only suggestion would be to fix some of the textures (A tile road just doesn’t seem right, and the size seems stretched too large anyway.) and work the lighting a little better. As oskutin pointed out, it seems a little too bright to be considered night. I’d suggest maybe try compiling without a light_environment and just letting stuff like the streetlights light the map, and see what you get.

The textures are poop and placeholders until i get/find better ones.

I haven’t done much work and it’s Halloween day so this will probably be a SPOOKY EARLY NOVEMBER MAPPE OF AWESOME OOOOO!

Something is Coming.

V1 Is Live!


Horrific news. My IDE Port has died, Meaning i have lost over 160GB Of content, I have irreprably lost lots of VMF’s of maps, I have not lost the WC Mappack of the vmfs to any other map. As they were on my C:\ Drive. I will continue work as soon as i have Steam and all my games re-installed.