Rp_nuclearpanic / rp_wariniment

Hello everyone.

Me and my mapping team NWMT (nuclear war mapping team) have started work on our before and after nuclear war gmod maps. Here is some of what we have started;

View from the outside, the wierd skybox and extreme lighting is for testing sake

Isles were boring as hell to stack

custom made basket props

We have made alot more this is just a smaple, i will post more images throughout the project.


ah the links dont seem to exist bear with me a minute…

That’s because you are putting image tags around hyperlinks. Remove all the aref stuff and leave the link with img tags around it.

Looks very blocky, not very post-apoc at all. There is no debris, no destruction, no general decay. It all looks too perfect.

Way too much lighting in the shop as well…again, if you are going for post apoc, where will your power come from.

no no no , 2 things , like i said this is the PRE WAR version, then we make the same town after teh war.

the reason the lights are so strong is a test i was doing erlier.

Fixed the images for you.
Also, it’s very blocky.

Actually you didn’t say it was pre war…just that you were doing before and after maps.

Anyway, it looks too clean still. The lighting looks horrific. Brighten up the yellow on the lights so it is almost white and use a combination of light and light_spot. That will alleviate the glare while giving enough light to see by.

yer i ahd that, like i DID say the lighting here was just a test to compare spot white lights to normal yellow lights.

Also the blockiness is because everything is blocks, people were begging for me to get this up and i was rushed :smiley:

still a work in progress

Don’t listen to them…what people see is how they will interpret your map. Right now this looks like a rushed project where the results will be up to the standard you just posted. There is nothing that makes me want to download the map at this point.

Little comparison…what looks better:



The top one is from hammer, the bottom is an ingame near completion shot with full perfected lighting and hdr. Before showing images, perfect the work or we will start to get a view of your work that may be wrong.

Point taken sir,

Like mentioned i have worked on this for an hour or so and it really is the first build.

Our team was only established 1 day ago.

Thanks for the feedback though.

Oh one more thing, the above image isnt the map. it is a rendered building in its own vmf. We are building all teh buildings on tehir own and thenadding them to waht we call “main.vmf”

Change the falloff of those lights to a linear equation and it will give less of a harsh circle around the light source.

I wouldn’t call that fully perfected.

That store is incredibly blocky. The roof looks like a single brush.

laughs nervously ha ha yes, looks like … backs away smiling

Okay, heres the thing, we need a modeler. Thats why the map looks very blocky so far. its because wedont have a modeler to make proper models for it. Anybody care to help?

Yer tank is right , we are struggling without a modeler

You don’t need a modeller at the moment. You still have terrible brushwork in that map.


What’s with all the text in stars? This is an internet forum, not a roleplay game.

For god sake lighten up you idiot.

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Well… Why dont you try and make a perfect map without the blocky look and a bunch of custom models in a few hours, hmm?

Well I can model to an extent though, so I would naturally do that anyway…
My map wouldn’t be perfect, but I wouldn’t make it blocky.

Well think of it this way, you dont have any other models than the crappy hl2 props. What would your map probably look like, a generic hl2 map that nobody likes?

Blocky and bland.
Also, improve your spelling and grammar.


A lot of amazing maps have been made with textures and props from HL2.